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    new player (EU)

    Hello I'm new here and still have to buy the game, but I have been lurking aorund a bit and I've found this program could be the answer to my long time wishes I have.

    I was used to play D&D back in my middle school time, but during high school/university time I've lost contacts with all my old D&D friends so I couldn't play it anymore .

    Now it looks like thanks to FG I could be able to play D&D again , but I went to the adventures schedule on the main page and find out that most of the games have times completely uncompatible with mine , so I tought that before buying the game i'd better have presented myself on the forums to see if there's any chance of an EU game any time soon.

    So here are my stats:

    I am a student so I can manage my time pretty much the way I want (other than exams time), so I'm not going to cause any troubles about decisions on game sessions times.

    I have all the 3 v3.5 D&D handbooks that are needed to play pen&paper D&D and I've red them all so no annoying questions about game rules ( ), also as I stated I used to be a player and D&M.

    I mostly like to roleplay warrior classes, but I can adapt to any other without problems.

    As I stated before I live in Europe (GMT+1) so I can only play games around that time zone.

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    I just found out that in order to establish connections one has to be able to forward ports on his own router.

    Now unfortunately I don't own a private ip address and I run internet connection through the big lan of my ISP, this makes me unable to forward ports on my router so my big question is:

    Is there a workaround for this problem?

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    Nope... Unless your IPS forwards some ports for you if you ask them, there is no other way to host anything (not only FG). You should be able to host for other people in your Local Area Network, though. But I doubt there are FG players.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hooray
    I just found out that in order to establish connections one has to be able to forward ports on his own router.

    Is there a workaround for this problem?
    its only a problem if you want to HOST (aka GameMaster) a session. if you just want to join an existing game as a player, you don't need to forward any ports or whatever.

    do you also speak german?

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    Nope, but I'm very interested in that fact you were saying, the problem is that I downloaded the demo and failed connecting to a game hosted by another newbie like me who PMed me telling he wanted to try the game as well.
    I've got always the same message "failed to connect to the host".

    I'd really like to try another time if there's someone available to spend 5 mins.

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    Alright I tried to connect as a player and worked so now I'm looking for an EU game.
    Is there any EU DM who needs players?

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    Hi Hooray,

    I Live in the UK, and Im also just getting back into roleplaying.

    Also like you, I have lost touch with most of my old group due to University etc, so Ive purchased FG with a view to establishing a new group and GMing again.

    I havent realy played alot of DnD (and it doesnt appeal to me to be frank).

    I am thinking of running a Harn adventure/campaign though if your interested.

    If youre not familiar with Harn, check it out through Google, and let me know if your interested.


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    Well...if you can wait til Mid July/Early August - I'll be willing to run EU Time zone Friendly adventures on the weekends - Most likely be starting around Noon my time (I'm in EDT/EST), so that'd put it in the early evening hours for most of you Euro types...

    It'd likely be d20 Modern (surprise!), tho dependin how well I learn the XML, I may do some other games...depending on Interest

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    @ GMBazUK I went and saw Harn website, it's cool but I have a question, will you be doing a custom FG ruleset for us players?
    And it would be helpful if you could provide some sources to get started without having to join the game there (no time to play this and that).
    Is there any suggestion (web links, downloadable contents etc.) you can give to a new player?

    @ Kalan count on me, for that time I could even play through all the night and you should start your saving daylight time very soon if I'm not wrong so that would be 1 hour less of difference.
    As for my preferences I just love D&D world, I think it's the game I plaied more during my teen age and I have even red the DragonLance series, so an adventure on DL world would be perfect for me.

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