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    Custom made items, spells, classes, races question

    If I create a new class, race, spell, item etc. What I usually do is drag a similar item out of the menu and drop it back in and it makes a copy. The I go to that copy and make it what I want. It goes under the new category. Then I make another group called custom. What I want to know is how to make all those things I make appear in any and every menu in FG. It seems to store them only in the campaign or character I am making at the time.

    I'm new to this stuff guys so keep it on layman's terms. Can I create a mod file with just the things I add into the game? Can someone be so kind to tell me how this is done? Or am I in over my head?

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    Correct, they are campaign dependent. You need to make a module of them by exporting and then opening that module like you would the PHB etc in each campaign. See the Adventure Module Creation link in my signature for more details.

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