Thread: Shadowrun 5e?

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    Shadowrun 5e?

    I was just wondering how long it will be before we see a 5e Shadowrun framework? I see that it's being worked on,so what is the progress?

    April 3rd of this year without any information makes me wonder if it's been scraped.

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    I'll bet you a lot of Nuyen, that Ianmward is the one working on this, since he finished the 4th edition conversion. However, he is also involved in other projects (Cthulhu ruleset I think), so this is probably very low on his priority list. I would jump on an official Shadowrun ruleset that is for sure.

    The 4th edition ruleset available isn't bad at all. Have a look at it!

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    I understand things take time but my post is regarding just a quick response from a developer. You know a "Well it's coming a long and will still be 6 months or more out." I'm hoping that maybe once a rule set has been established they could get a license for shadowrun material like 5e D&D. Let me know if there is a way to fund this project to make it go quicker

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