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    [LFP] 5-6 Home Brew D&D 5E Chult Sandbox Campaign Bi-weekly Thursdays 6 PM MDT/GMT -6


    11/8/2017 - I just noticed that there is an inconsistency in the title of this post and what I have listed for the Time below. The PROPOSED start time is ACTUALLY 7 PM Mountain Standard Time (GMT -7, Now that Daylight Savings Time has ended). The notes below refelct this as well as the Calendar Page. Please message me if you have any questions! Thanks!

    11/11/2017 - Applications will be accepted until Midnight MST/GMT -7 November 14, 2017. I will select the initial group on November 16, 2017. All Applicants must send me a Private Message as the first part of the application process. All applications will be considered in the order they are received.

    11/15/2017 - Application Phase Closed. If you would still like to be added to the Substitutions list (first to be contacted when we are down a player), please send me a private message.

    Greetings fellow gamers!

    I have acquired the new Tomb of Annihilation and I have been inspired!

    Unfortunately, I'm not particularly inspired by the main plot of the adventure. To put it bluntly, I feel like the hook is poorly thought out, lazy, and boring. The premise of the adventure is stupid on too many levels.

    And that's the beauty of the D&D game. You take what is there and make it your own. I have tweaked the storyline and events. I will not waste all the hard work that went into Tomb of Annihilation, but just understand the main plot has been altered.

    I'm preparing a brief player's packet for introductory information.

    The basic premise is that you are associates of a Trading Company from the Sword Coast that is preparing to set up shop in Port Nyanzaru.

    This is going to be an open sandbox focused on Chult. The events in Tomb of Annihilation will be used (for the most part) but the context and time frames may have been altered. Also, some interested parties may change due to the alterations I've made. I'm also incorporating other material made for this Campaign found on the DMs Guild.

    That's all I'm putting out there right now. I'm working on the "Player's Guide" handout that will fill in the introductory details.

    I can't start the game safely until the end of the month after a schedule change at work. Right now the proposed start date is November 30th, 2017.

    Send me a PM if you are interested. If I get more responses than needed I will be considering you in the order in which you respond. I'm hoping to make this a long-term game/group, so please do not apply if you don't plan on committing to a long-term group.

    I will be updating this post/thread as developments occur.

    Thanks for your interest!


    Here's the summary rundown:

    FG License: Ultimate (players only need demo)
    Game System: Dungeons and Dragons 5E

    Time Zone: Mountain Time (United States)/ GMT -7
    Day of week and time: Thursdays 7 PM
    If new game, planned start date: November 30, 2017
    Planned Duration & Frequency: 4-5 hours bi-weekly
    Term: Long Term group willing

    Text or Voice: Voice
    Voice software used: Discord

    Roleplay & Combat mix: Varies depending on preferences and choices of players (good mix)
    Number of Players in game & needed: 4-5 (not including DM)
    Character starting level & equipment: 1st level, standard equipment based on class and background
    Character restrictions: No drow... other race restrictions (will update later)

    Details of your scenario: Homebrew jungle exploration campaign partially based on the events of Tomb of Annihilation

    Calendar page:
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    I'm interested, and sending you a PM

    Warm regards

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    Who wants to go tomb raiding in the mysterious jungles of Chult???

    Still waiting to hear from folks!

    I've got one interested so far!

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    Quote Originally Posted by wthrasherb View Post
    Who wants to go tomb raiding in the mysterious jungles of Chult???

    Still waiting to hear from folks!

    I've got one interested so far!
    Count me in pm sent.

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    I would be honored to join you all in this adventure.

    PM Sent

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    Still looking for players folks!

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    I'd like to play! I'm somewhat of a noob if that's okay.

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    I've applied on the calendar.

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    Responses are looking good folks!

    Nothing is set in stone yet!

    Plus, there's a lot of time between now and November 30th... people could change their mind.

    Don't be shy!

    If you're interested, apply!

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    Sounds like a great idea and setting. I love home brew games especially sandbox ones, but this also gets the benefit of a lot of things being fleshed out already. It is also a perfect fit for my schedule. I have applied on the game calendar.
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