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    New to Fantasy Grounds

    Hi everyone,

    I am new to Fantasy Grounds.

    I purchased a license and so far a bit confused at the lack of content and automation.

    For instance, with the Pathfinder modules, I can't seem to automate racial traits in the Character creator. I can add a race but it does nothing... I still have to manually enter the racial traits.

    As for NPCs -nothing- seems automated, not even something like ability score bonus to attack and damage.

    My understanding was that Fantasy Grounds would help me manage such tasks?

    Do I need a special module/extension for this? Am I expecting to much from this software?
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    For PCs, the free SRD data that comes with the standard license does not automatically add racial traits and class features on race/class drops. There is a Pathfinder Core Rules DLC that we sell that includes all the additional data to automatically add racial traits and class features to the Abilities tab of the PC sheet, as well as including a full version of the rulebook for reading within FG.

    For NPCs, the sheets are designed to be able to input NPCs exactly as they are included in Pathfinder adventures. Since most NPC stat blocks do not include full information on how calculations are made, we created the sheets to be able to read the data as entered from the stat blocks. You can find full NPCs detailed in the PFRPG Bestiary (SRD Core Rules), Pathfinder Bestiary (DLC), and in all adventures sold in the store. Additionally, I believe there are one or two tools written by the community to help with importing stat blocks directly posted on the forum.

    I would suggest dropping in on a game to see how people use the software to get an idea of what is possible. Also, you can try watching some of the videos posted by our community. Many of them are focused on 5E, but very similar in usage.


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    I definitely recommend the dlc content such as the pathfinder core rulebook that Moon Wizard speaks of. It will add a good amount of automation. I also recommend the effects module as it will provide effects that can be added to the game that will allow even more automation and the effects module is free. Also, welcome to Fantasy Grounds! It does have a small learning curve but it blows every other table top rpg program out of the water and the community is excellent. If you need any help feel free to private message me or post in the forums and tons of people will be happy to point you in the right direction.

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    Thanks for the response.

    I'll look into the Pathfinder add-on.

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    Hi Wulfgang,

    Fantasy Grounds has been around a long time and been thru many, many updates/upgrades. Most rulesets have different authors or were authored at different times. This means that the functionality between different rulesets varies considerably. Many systems do not need a lot of features and others definitely benefit from it. Pathfinder has some fantastic automation and features around combat in particular. Until recently it did not have as good a character creation automation as 5e but some really nice features have been included into the newly acquired Pathfinder licensed material.

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