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    Pathfinder 3.5, 4th level Oracle, level 0 spells no show

    When bringing in my character, Rahur, from PCGen, My level 0 Orisons do not show up: (see attached image)


    I realized that I can put a large number in the zero level, changing it from a 0 to say 99, and they will show. I posted my solution accidentally in the StarFinder thread for someone that was having a similar problem, but was subsequently shown that it actually now works without my "fix", being that there is a blank space where the count goes for the zero level, giving an unlimited count.

    So why does it work for Starfinder and not Pathfinder? Should I do something different?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mystrzy View Post
    So why does it work for Starfinder and not Pathfinder?
    Different ruleset, different code. And also Starfinder has had some updates to the code around level 0 spells recently.

    Quote Originally Posted by mystrzy View Post
    Should I do something different?
    Assuming this is an issue with the import from PCGen, do whatever you need to do to make the data correct. No import from a third party product like this will be 100% perfect (unless the PC is super simple).

    I'd recommend mentioning this issue in the relevant FG PCGen thread.
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