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Thread: LFG for 5E D&D

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    LFG for 5E D&D

    Hey there just looking for a 5th Edition D&D group to play in. looking for either one shots or a once a week type deal. Been playing D&D for over a year now so I'm sure I have the basics down. Willing to play whatever the party needs. Thanks!

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    What are your time slots / days / time zone?

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    I can play any day from 3-9 pm. My time zone is Arizona (pretty sure we are the same as Pacific Standard right now)

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    I have one empty slot remaining in my Sunday paid game, 4 pm PST. They're currently running the Sunless Citadel and may be moving on to Tomb of Annihilation in a couple of sessions.

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    what do you mean by "paid" game?

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    I charge a fee for my games. I'm basically a full time DM with 30+ happy players ongoing.

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    ooooh ok... well I'll have to pass on that... I barely have enough to pay for my Ultimate subscription

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    No problem Good luck finding a game!

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    What is your fee?

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    Heya. My standard rates are $5 USD / hour

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