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    LFG: Sundays from Noon to 5pm EST

    Hello all, I am looking to get into a regular game on Sunday afternoons (noon to 5pm EST). I am most interested in D&D 5e but could be cool with Star Wars order Star Trek games. I am fairly flexible on game and role. Whatever is open in a good group. I am a quick study so if the game is new to me I will catch up.

    Anyways, if you have a game that fits my availability please contact me.

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    If you find a group let me know. I would love a sunday group.
    This isnt working. Can we just shoot them now?

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    Would love to play!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Uncle Gary View Post
    Will do!
    Im an experienced player and that time frame works perfectly for me!

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    I may have a game lined up. It's homebrew but we will use FG for the maps and math. We will be on voice maybe video. I don't have details yet, but we may need a player or two. I'll post details here as they become available.

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    If its a sunday game, id love to be in on it
    This isnt working. Can we just shoot them now?

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    i'm interested in a Sunday game as well

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    We will keep you in mind

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