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    Adding spell slots for Drow Magic in 5e?

    Is there a way to add spell slots for Faerie Fire and Darkness for Drow Magic (5e)?
    I have set up a new Power section for them, and now I would like to associate those spells with their own slots since they are managed and refresh separately from other spellcasting abilities.

    The same issue comes up with Warlock (Archfey) Fey Presence.

    It is easy enough to remember short term but when an adventure spans multiple play sessions I worry about keeping track.
    The character in question is a Warlock Drow and has Drow Magic, Archfey Fey Presence, Invocations, and Ritual Caster (Wizard) so their Actions Tab is getting confusing...

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    The thing with Faerie Fire and Darkness is they are once a day activities so you want to tie them to once a day not spell slots. So basically, you drag and drop Faerie Fire onto the Character sheet where they will initially go under spells. Then at the bottom of the action tab, click the "Display" button until it shows "Group". Notice how Faerie Fire and Darkness are grouped as "Spells" - you want to change their group to either "Drow Magic" or Powers. Things with similar group names end up grouped together so after you change the first spell to a different group it will create the group. Make sure you new group has the right casting stat, ect.

    For the warlock just drag the new spells given down into the spells.

    I've attached a pic with something similar with a generic power group that is holding both thiefling and wizard class abilities. You don't have to have the same recharge in a group like this, ie you can mix once a rest with once a day, etc.
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    Thanks for the response.
    I have made new groups for Drow Magic, Archfey Abilities (ie Fey Presence), Rituals (Wizard), and Invocations (So Agonizing Blast has the Cha bonus etc.) that are separate from the Pact Magic spells, but I don't have a way of easily recording which of those are once a day and refresh after long rests vs short rests.
    I assume there is a way to use the preparation display option to do this but so far I have not figured it all out.
    Nevermind. While taking a screenshot for this post I found it lol.

    This program is so sweet.

    Thanks again for the help. I am posting the shot that shows where I should be recording uses per-day for anyone else with this kind of question.

    [Edit] This leads me to wonder what the difference is between 'Rest' and 'Daily' under the 'Uses' field. I assume Rest is for refreshing after short rests and Daily is for long rests?
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    Yes, that is the difference. Rest = Short Rest in 5E and Daily = Long Rest.

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