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    Star Wars D20

    Was wondering if there is someone would like to work on Star Wars D20 (not saga) But the old D20 that was out in 2000!
    Just the ruleset!

    It would be apreciate!


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    The D20 Star Wars can actually use the D20 D&D ruleset, as the D20 system was modular in rulesets, if you have the patience to build the equipment and character races/classes. Then filling in the holes as far as vehicles/transports.

    There are minor things, like the Force abilities that might need to be tweaked a bit if they don't fit in with psionic abilities or spells. In my opinion, it should be simple to create a Star Wars module from present rulesets available in FG already.

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    I've also been dying to play the d20 Star Wars Revised system again... great memories from college. Sadly, I think the skill needed to create a new ruleset within the FG framework is beyond my capabilities at the moment, and I really don't have time to aquire them. =(

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    It'll take me quite a while, but I figure I could at least use the current 5E rule set and just make a set of modules to export and .zip together for free content. I've done conversions before between different systems, this one is just easier. I have content that is similar in systems, it is a matter of comparing the two and figuring out the balance for the character races, classes, and equipment. As it is just a matter of upgrading the system from 3.5 D20 to 5E. Which seems to not be much of a stretch. Just having to balance the content.

    It makes for a good amount of learning the GM systems for 5E in and the controls and commands for GM/DM in FG.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RavenSaint View Post
    It'll take me quite a while, but I figure I could at least use the current 5E rule set and just make a set of modules to export and .zip together for free content.
    Just remember to keep anything shared to OGL/Community Commons/copyright holder permission granted material.
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    I don't know if you're still around, but did you ever get around to making this ruleset, and if so, is it available to download? I'd appreciate it, thanks!

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