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    Starfinder Society Games

    I'm assuming the protocol has yet to be worked out about where to post regarding Starfinder Society games, but thought some of you might be interested given kick-off is less than a month away. I've been playing with the existing tools (Pathfinder ruleset, Damned's Space Opera Theme, Mask of Winter decal extension and Ken L's Creature Gen extension) to see how the game might work given what is currently known. Importing of the First Contact creatures using the creature gen extension worked surprisingly well with a little tweaking (changing stat blocks to the traditional ability scores to arrive at the bonus, making the hp and AC blocks to look like a pathfinder stat block, etc). While not the fastest - it did work. Below is what I've put together so far.

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    Very cool!

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    the problem is Vehicles, there is no PF vehicle support yet and the rules for vehicles are complicated to program (i have been looking into this) as of writing this i do not think anyone has taken up the task of making these work yet how do you work vehicle combat in the current iteration of the PF ruleset?
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    I don't think we know enough about vehicles yet (at least I don't) to venture a guess. My assumption is that there will necessarily be quite a bit a manual tracking and rolling of dice unless and until a rule set arrives. In the interim, this wont be perfect, but I definitely think its more than workable.

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    I'm at work so I cannot find the link, however if you Google "dawnforge cast" and go to their youtube to a video about starfinder ship combat there is a link to the rules for ship combat..its pretty official..they have had many interviews and stuff with the creators
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    check out page 43 and beyond for ship battle rules...i found the link
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    Nice. Thanks for that Wookiee.

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    I might make a version of cgen for Starfinder, but currently I have no plans to run Starfinder at all. There's a minor blip, the CR should be on the same line as the name hence why it comes out wrong. Looks great, though I do believe that FG will release an official Starfinder theme at some point with their CRB.

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    I was hoping you might do a Starfinder cgen release! Even with official support, the cgen is a godsend when preparing Pathfinder (and now Starfinder) society games which even with pathfinder, dont have official support.

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    Is this actually out yet?
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