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    LFG - Newbie - 1 Player - Any Day DnD 5E

    FG License - Paid
    Time Zone - Pacific - Any time after 5 pm
    Days - Any
    Term - Whatever is available
    Voice - Willing to download whatever

    Game - DnD 5E
    Experience - Basic DnD 5E -
    Fantansy Grounds Experience - Very Basic Mechanics -

    Willing to play any character type to fit the group. Just trying to expand my gaming experience and learn some things about this system and to be able to start running some campaigns of my own for my nephews in the future. Any and all help is appreciated.

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    We are looking for 1-2 players to join a homebrew campaign I am working on. They are currently level 3 and early in the story. Our schedule changes a little, since we play with my brother who works shift work, so some weeks he can play tuesday, some weeks he can play thursday. We play over discord. My brother and I are older, in our 40s with kids, so we sort of prefer more mature players; however, we also play with my cousin who is in college.

    I am relatively new to DMing and I don't have an extensive knowledge of forgotten realms and all the lore and all the rules, so we are really not looking for someone who is going to call us out on a lot of "mistakes" in lore or history. Let me know what you think. If we can get some folks involved, I would like to run this for an extended period. I can't commit to every week, but would like to play 2-3 times per month.

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