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    Always learning with FG - Cover

    So, I feel like every day I learn something new with FG. I always wondered to myself, why are there "cover" and "sup. cover" modifiers when it is easy to click -2 next to the modifier box underneath chat? I realize now. If you roll a regular attack against something with cover in FG and click -2 before you attack, it will work as you would think and subtracts 2 from your attack role. If you click the "cover" button under "attack" in the modifier box in the top right of FG it does the same thing. So, no reason to user the cover button, right?

    Well, not so fast.. If you cast a spell against something with cover and that spell has a dex save and you click -2 underneath chat, that will reduce the creatures save by 2. So, you actually would need to remember to click +2 to give them a +2 to their dex save. If you click the cover button before you roll your spell, it will automatically add 2 to the creatures saving throw. And, as a bonus, if the spell you cast has a wis or con save (for example), then no bonus is applied to the targets save. It will only apply (properly) if the save is a dex save.

    Rather than try to remember if my players need to use a + or -, if a spell has a dex save or some other save, I think I'll just start having the players use the cover buttons now. Thanks FG! I'm sure many of you already knew this is how cover worked in FG, but if a few of you didn't (like me), I hope this post helps!
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    Did you know there is also a graphic for the cover condition that almost never is put on the tokens due to the condition hierarchy. Did you know there was even a cover condition? Probably because it's not on the wiki.

    I'm 2-3 years in and still learning new things about FG.
    I never claimed to be sane. Besides, it's more fun this way.

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    COVER and SCOVER are noted in the wiki as situational modifiers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zacchaeus View Post
    COVER and SCOVER are noted in the wiki as situational modifiers.
    Exactly. But in the code they are listed with the conditions and have their own condition graphic. Not that it changes how the engine parses the effect, but its interesting that it was changed in the presentation. Also I doubt anyone uses the COVER effect since there is the cover button mentioned by the OP. Still, I think the cover icon is cute.
    I never claimed to be sane. Besides, it's more fun this way.

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    I use COVER and SCOVER - they last as long as you set the effect for, rather than just 1 roll.

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