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    LFP - Hoard of the Dragon Queen

    FG License: Full, so players can use the free version
    Game System: D&D 5e
    Time Zone: Eastern
    Time: Sunday ta 9 p.m.
    Duration: 2 hours
    Term: Long term
    Text: Voice only
    Voice System: Discord
    Needed: Cleric
    Starting level: 4
    Restrictions: no evil characters

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    Quote Originally Posted by firemedic490 View Post
    FG License: Full, so players can use the free version
    If you have the full version of FG, people need the full version, too, to play. If you have the ultimate version, people can use the free version. Which is it now?

    Also it might be useful to state if you're planning to play weekly or bi-weekly or once a month etc.

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    To arrrr is pirate.

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    I have the ultimate. Group meets weekly.

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    I would be interested in a Sunday night game.

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    I'd be interested, I'll PM you

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    Hey mate is it Eastern central time or Aest? Just so I can see if I can play or not

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