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    Modified d20 Ruleset for playtesting

    I have made customizations to FG original d20 ruleset.
    I use it my games, but i'd like to have some outsiders to playtest it and give opinions and suggestions.

    There is some changes to D&D3.5 SRD rules i deemed nessessary, but i have tried to keep them minimal so others could adopt ruleset easier.

    Latest date version available: v201205 (dd.mm.yy)

    Use Instructions:
    -Extract to /rulesets so that subfolders extracts correctly.
    -Start FG, new campaign /w d20Zmods ruleset.

    Ruleset Changes:
    -All Ruleset components are under same folder.
    >Affects /data folder.
    -Chat window dice pictures shrinked to 75% size.
    -Feats are now nodes
    >can be modified easier.
    -Monster CR-field from Int to String
    >Field now shows correctly, even if not integer (<0)
    >!Possible problem: Had to change NPC CR fieldtype > Modules with NPCs may not work??
    -Monster information change: Draggable Description frame.
    >Some monsters have draggable description.
    >Decription boxes are Created by monster.xls -tool.
    >This is still in development. I need monster descriptions to all monsters.
    -Added Item Shop
    >Allmost all SRD normal items draggable to charsheet.
    -Charsheet changes
    >Modifications to allmost all pages.
    >Added page: Combat
    >Added page: Mount
    >Inventory items are nodes, draggable from shop.
    -New window: GM Perception table.
    >Fast check of PC Perception skills.

    Rule Changes:
    reasoning and better look from reference window
    -Mental Attributes Redefined
    >Wis gives Skill pts. Instead of Int
    >Cha gives Will saves.
    >Craft- and Profession-Skill stats changed.
    >Some monsters changed to reflect new system.
    >>Constructs have Int, but no Cha or Wis.
    >>Animals have Cha and Wis, but no or low Int.
    -New Magic type Psionics(CHA)
    >Sorcerer modified to Psion, Wizard lost mind influencing spells.
    >Bard spell list: minor modifications.
    -Some Changes to other professions.
    -Changes to Races.
    -New Templates. (scroll at race window)
    -Some feats Changed.
    -BTH to Inititative
    >Monsters have been modified accordingly.
    -Combat Critical&Fumble revised.
    -Magic Item Creation changed (feats&some items)
    -Weapons and Armors and their special qualities Changed.

    -Tools are found in /database -directory
    -Tools are MSExcel sheets, that create FG .xml files.
    -Some tools .xls files are created by off2003 and may not work with earlier versions.
    -Usage: Type text to tables, run macro, restart FG to apply changes.
    -Magic shop is planned
    >MagicItems.xls needs to be filled with items.
    >shop should be like standard item shop, but use magicitems.xml.

    PS. Id be happy if someone is willing to help to make descriptions to equipment, magicitems and monsters.

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    This looks really cool.
    I am not at my PC right now but when I get there I will try this out.

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    I took a look, I found a few typos and things that got overlooked, since it is a WIP I figured there was still a lot to clean uyp.
    I did really like the way you broke down the weapons armor items etc...
    Draggable monster descriptions are a great idea.
    I didn't have a module ready to load so I couldn't test your NPC bug.
    I thik it's a great project.

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    Thanks for compliments.

    As im not native in english there might be FEW typos :P
    If those are annoying, put email/private to me, i fix them to next version.

    I like those draggable monster descriptions too, but there is too few of them, and those were done "in hurry".

    221205 Update to files:
    -Added Zmods_spelldesc.xls -tool for modifying spell descriptions.
    -Added ruleset-version information to reference window.
    -Modified reference window a bit.
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    Love the mods Zambol, but I have a question. How can I get a .xls excel spreadsheet into the FG .xml format? I want to be able to expand by putting in my own monsters mainly but later on even magic items, etc. so how do I "convert" the .xls file into a .xml file that FG can use?
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    Quote Originally Posted by danielpryor
    so how do I "convert" the .xls file into a .xml file that FG can use?
    The best thing, I think, would be to actually save the spreadsheet as XML spreadsheet (there's an option under Save as in Excel). This will create a document in so called workbook format. Then you either write a piece of software that converts Excel Workbook to FG XML, or use some XSLT. :P
    Excel spreadsheet has totally different structure than FG, there can't be a universal tool, because if there was, I could import clients data, transactions and bank deals into FG. ;D

    Gah, he probably already did that, sorry. ;P

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    I believe that you need to have the XLS file in your ruleset folder. To convert, press ALT+F8. This should give you the file. PLEASE NOTE: BE SURE TO BACK UP YOUR OLD FILES.

    Ultimate Licence holder

    I've had FG for so LONG I DON'T KNOW HOW TO USE IT!

    But I'm learning!

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    Yes I know about having the fil in the right folder, etc. but when I tried to convert to an xml spreadsheet, it doesn't work. Can any of you guys give constructive, positive steps I can use other than stating the obvious?
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    Those XLS files i made have macros that make FG xml files.

    Example: ZMods_Monsters.xls
    1) Open ZMods_Monsters.xls in excel
    2) Add/Modify monsters
    3) Run macro: Tools(menu) / Macros / Macros ... / Export_Monsters

    This creates modified monster.xml file to same folder ZMods_Monsters.xls is located.

    PS. Import_Monsters should not be used, as i dont remember if it works on original or modified monster.xml file.
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