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    LFG, New Player, 5e

    Hey guys, I'm new to fantasy grounds and I'm looking for a campaign to join!
    I'm free Saturdays after 5pm EST and any time on Sundays.
    I currently only have the demo version but if I find a good sounding group I would gladly upgrade.
    I've only ever played 5e so that is what I am looking for.
    I'm down to play any class, but prefer Wizard or Paladin, or if the DM is up for it, I would absolutely love to try out the Artificer class.

    I don't have too much experience playing D&D but have really enjoyed what I have gotten to play so far. I like to problem solve, strategize, and plan ahead.

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    im also new to fantasy grounds and would like to join either a pathfinder or D&D session, so if you find a game give me a holla too as im also learning

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    i'm new as well played a little on paper heard a lot of people played it online so I play manly wizard still gitting the hang of FG stuff

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    Hi everyone in this post! I'm a new DM looking for new players to join a group to play on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday for about 4+ hours. Seeing as how I'm new to this whole DMing thing, I'm hoping to find some fairly inexperienced people who also want to join me on learning the ways of D&D and have a fun time together. Feel free to message me with any questions.


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    You beat me to the punch. I was just getting ready to chime in and say I wouldn't mind teach FG and DMing a game or two. I have a little bit of practice DMing and I have been playing 5E for about a year now. Let me know if I can be of help. I'm good for Friday & Sunday groups since I am already in two Saturday groups. I have a FG Ultimate license and I have Lost Mines of Phandelver, Curse of Strahd and Storm Kings Thunder. I think Lost Mines would be a great place for everyone to start since it is the campaign that comes with the starter set and it will take you from level 1-5. Once you hit level 5 you can start in Storm King or even Curse of Strahd.

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    I am newer to D&D as well. Am looking for a Friday Morning/daytime group.

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