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    Runtime Error Loading PHB Module

    My group and I are having an issue opening the PHB Module. We pull the book open to load the module and the same error(below) pops up for all of us before crashing FG. We have also been having issues loading combat maps (though the maps load fine when the PHB module is closed).

    We've tried clearing/deleting the cache, running FG as admin, restarting FG, checking for updates. We are all using the correct version and haven't had this issue in the past.

    My DM doesn't experience any errors on his end, but he is seeing duplicate modules of the PHB, DMG and MM in his modules folder, and in FG he sees duplicates of everything(monsters, items, etc). Could this have anything to do with it? Should he delete one of the duplicate modules?

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    Welcome Simorene.

    This is likely to be one of the following three issues.

    1. You (and the other player) dont have sufficient permissions to your FG Data folder. You need Read/Write/Modify at minimum.
    2. The cache is corrupted on your computer - use the Nuke cache button.
    3. The GM (and/or players) is on a WiFi link that is not as reliable as he thinks and it is causing data errors.

    The GM should only have one PHB unless he has also par5ed a copy...

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    I'd recommend the GM also joins the thread and provides a screenshot of which modules they have activated and the duplicate modules issue - to help us work out what's going on.
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