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    Token facing question

    Hello...my players and I have run across a strange issue that we've been unable to work out.

    When using the token facing feature in our last game, facing for a group of Goblins and about half of the players worked as expected: there was a yellow arrow indicating direction and we could rotate the yellow arrows (right click context menu or mouse wheel rotate) to indicate facing.

    The other half of the players had no yellow arrow and the entire token rotated when we attempted to change the facing, which was quite awkward.

    Can anyone explain to me what caused this and how to "fix" it? Many thanks!

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    Sounds like the tokens weren't added to the map from the combat tracker. Add PCs and NPCs to the combat tracker first, then drag the tokens from the combat tracker to the map. If you just add tokens directly to the map then FG doesn't think they're combatants and doesn't include the facing arrow.
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    This is part of the issue I reported a while back and is fixed in 3.3.0.
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