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    First SW Game Report

    So this weekend was my first time GMing Savage Worlds using Fantasy Grounds. As a matter of fact, it was my first time GMing in general! Running a tabletop roleplaying game was on my list of New Years resolutions, and I happen to have a group of friends with whom I used to play DnD over FG (before it fell apart because... life). It seemed the perfect opportunity to check this off my list of goals, and to show off the flexible SW ruleset!

    This group is partial to fantasy-type settings, but I wanted something fresh, so I settled on the Elder Scrolls setting of Cyrodiil. I imported this impressive setting conversion into a FG module using the Enhanced Library extension, and got to work coming up with a one-shot adventure. I made a Seasoned-level pregen for each race. I even created a custom FG theme more appropriate to First-Era Tamriel!

    I have to say, I love what Savage Worlds can do. The session lasted about three hours, and in that time we were able to get through a basic overview of the rules, a simple combat, some roleplaying and social conflict, a puzzle, a boss fight, and a chase scene -- and all of this despite a learning curve for everyone involved. Savage Worlds definitely lived up to its Fast/Furious/Fun reputation.

    It wasn't without its hiccups. One of the players had to abandon his first choice of character because, for some reason, it would always appear as a Dire Wolf token on the maps, even though the image was correct on the portrait and Combat Tracker. On a couple of occasions, I got overwhelmed and needed a minute to organize my thoughts. I made some rulings were incorrect, but a confident "fake it 'till you make it" mentality kept the game from bogging down.

    Feedback was positive (and I did ask for feedback). The main difficulty was in learning the new system and interface. They asked if I planned to run another adventure -- after all, the ending was a bit of a cliffhanger -- but that will just have to wait!

    - Ikael, for his sea of contributions to this community. Give that man a raise.
    - The Jouneyman GM, for his epic TES conversion project.
    - The creators of the YouTube FG tutorial videos.
    - The many users on this forum who have posted advice and lessons learned for first-time GMs.

    - That Dire Wolf token image. Seriously, what is up with that.
    - Those cultists, for kidnapping people and opening a portal to Coldharbour.

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    I got here on a New Year's resolution as well, but for 2016. I spent last year with 5e, but shifted over to Savage Worlds after looking for a system that had faster moving combat. Hope you have a good run with Savage Worlds!

    The problem you are seeing might have been correctable by the player. If he disconnected from the game, he could click on the nuke icon (it is on the JOIN GAME panel) and blow-out his cache which _should_ fix it. The downside is that he has to re-download everything in every game in which he is involved

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    That's quite a nice conversion you're using.
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    Well done for taking the plunge into GMing. You'll have lots of wonderful adventures ahead
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