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    Rolemaster Rule set

    Has anyone started implementing either the fantasy or the modern versions of Rolemaster in fg?
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    arrgh...the crit tables alone would be ugly :S

    I'm havin trouble enough coding in Eberron, and soon Urban Arcana/Future for d20 Modern...the thought of rolemaster makes my head hurt :S


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    Quote Originally Posted by SalmonElla
    Has anyone started implementing either the fantasy or the modern versions of Rolemaster in fg?
    I cannot really answer that (somebody might have), but I can still maybe give some vaguely useful comments on this:

    First, making such a ruleset publicly available brings us, once more, to the very essence of copyright issues. Second, the next version of Fantasy Grounds (1.06) will, as mentioned on several instances, enable scripting, which will be extremely useful in handling a number of issues in Rolemaster, e.g. the skill development.

    The rolemaster ruleset is, however, a very hard project to carry out in a fashion that it would please the majority of Rolemaster gamers, because of the tons and tons of optional rules, a number of different skill systems, altered combat systems and so forth; although the latter releases of Rolemaster, namely "fantasy roleplaying" and "standard system" have eased that load a bit as compared with the 2nd edition. But even in that I already quoted two variations of the game :P .

    Having said this, we intend to make a ruleset out of HARP (High Adventure Roleplaying, which is, I would say, a close relative of Rolemaster) either completely inhouse or together with Code Monkey Publishing, who are already working more tightly with ICE (publisher of HARP and Rolemaster). But as we want to make that a kind of a showcase for scripting, it will not be done (at least by us) before we get the 1.06 ready. And for both of these projects (i.e. the HARP ruleset and 1.06) no promises about the schedule at this point.

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    A ruleset for HARP for 1.06!

    Great! I know some people that will nuy a license when 1.06 appears.
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    I've played Rolemaster for years (prefer it to D20 games) but my gut reaction is that the Rolemaster critical tables which add so much flavor to the system would bog down an FG session. Combat as is in Rolemaster is much slower than a D20 session in face-to-face sessions .... much as I love Rolemaster and MERP I would hesitate to try a game as either player or DM. That said it works nicely as a PBeM game.

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