I began running with four players and now am experiencing some scheduling conflicts. If anyone out there is interested in joining a game in progress (still 2nd - 3rd level) please contact me. I run on every other Wednesday night from 8pm to 12pm CST. Looking for 2-4 additional players who could attend frequently to round out the party again. Please contact me at [email protected].

D&D 3.5 - here are the character gen rules...

This is all on the honor system. My hope is that each player has a 3.5 Player’s Handbook. Please follow in order…

1. Roll 4d6 six times disregarding the lowest die.
2. Not a single attribute over 14? Go back to step 1.
3. Total of rolls more than 90? Go back to step 1.
4. Any one roll of 5 or less? Your character is both cursed and blessed. Add 2 points to your highest roll.
5. Assign rolls to attributes.
6. Select race, class, skills, feats, (etc.) according to the Dungeons and Dragons Player’s Handbook v3.5.
7. Alignment is limited to non-evil for starting characters.
8. Consider a secondary character as a backup.

• I love character backgrounds. I work hard to integrate them into the story, use them as adventure hooks, even rename or restructure parts of a region to accommodate a good one. In addition a decent background gets you…
o Benefit 1: A low powered magic item to start with (+1 or minor wondrous). You may even work it into the history if you like (family heirloom, parting gift, stolen valuable, etc).
o Benefit 2: Alternately, (in exchange for the loss of the aforementioned magic item) you may choose a humanoid race with no more than +1 level adjustment. I know some people just love playing an eccentric. If you are one of them be prepared! Last I checked Lizardmen are not well received outside the swamp. I discourage this option for now (hence the loss of the item) and I expect a great explanation in the background.