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    Tokens in token bags...

    Token bags are pretty cool. One question... is there a way to name the tokens inside the bag?

    What if you made a module with several different npc's each with their own token? You can name them once they are on the map but someone else using the module won't know which token should go with which npc. I guess they can make a best guess but it would be nice if the tokens mabye showed the file name when you do the mouse over (without the .extention).

    Just a thought.


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    Another Way

    If there was a way to have the tooltip display the name of the token image file as a default within the token bag, then we would allieviate the problem of trying to guess what token is what.
    Also, if possible, if the token is able to be renamed within the bag, that would be cool as well. What do you all think?

    This would help out with those big modules, such as the Night Below (TM) or such....


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    I agree. A possibility to name a token inside the bag would be most helpful. Especially when using FG campaigns from others, where it is not obvious which token is used for what.



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