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    Quote Originally Posted by pollux View Post
    Hey folks, I took a look at character sheet export and wasn't in love with the available options so started a different take on a 5e sheet. In particular, I didn't like basing the sheet off images of the WotC or AL sheets because:

    • This leads to small but odd-looking alignment problems that are supremely fiddly to adjust and not really solvable en-masse.
    • It constrains us on space, meaning that anything that doesn't fit into the space allotted in the image just has to be cut off. This particularly bit me on stuff like personality, ideals, and bonds.

    Unfortunately, I didn't actually finish the sheet... and I'm likely stalled on time to work on it for a while... but rather than sit on the unfinished thing I figured I'd post it half done and see if it inspired anyone to race to me to finish. Here's a screenshot of how far I've gotten:

    • Name, Class, Level(s), Background, and other top-level metadata get populated.
    • Ability scores
    • Saves and proficiencies
    • HP
    • Languages and Proficiences
    • A few other little boxes and fields

    Spells, class features, inventory, and the role-play text fields aren't done yet. And this is where some of the benefits of the new sheet would come in, as these boxes could be restyled to grow on demand.

    Here's a screenshot of how it look so far (someday I'm going to figure out how to inline an image here, but not today):

    Attachment 31817

    Would you be okay with us including your XSL sheet in an official release and/or update for Fantasy Grounds? If so, please email me at [email protected] with your approval and attach the latest version of the XSL sheet to that email for our records.

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    Has anyone done any further work on Pollux's sheet? I'd like to see this finished product.

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