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    New Monster Token Packs Available!

    A couple of Monster Token packs are now available on my site!

    Lolth's Minions - Drow, Spiders and the Demon Queen herself!

    Undead - Various Undead for the DM to throw at their players.

    Enjoy! :-D

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    Is anyone else not able to connect to his web site?

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    I just did it and it works for me.


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    Sometimes people that have very strict firewall rules setup have problems connecting - it's just the way Xoops works. It has to do with the referrer info being passed back to the user.

    If you continue to have problems, try listing otalisman.com as a pass thru on your firewall. I have no popups, porn or anything like that on my site.

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    'Cannon Fodder' Packs Added!

    Now you'll have all the Goblins, Kobolds and Orcs than you can shake a stick (or sword, or spear, or fireball, or...) at!

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    I think that you have an extra period at the end of the link for your new site.

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