Fantasy Grounds is the result of about a year of development. The original motivation for the project was the seeming void in the field of online roleplaying software. Although there are a couple of products for the purpose out there, the community of role playing game enthusiasts has not discovered the medium to take their hobby to the internet in earnest.

With many of the existing means available for online roleplaying, the user experience is often closer to that of reading e-mail rather than sitting around the gaming table. With Fantasy Grounds, we made breaking this conception our primary goal. The software has been designed to emulate the gaming table in basic principles as well as the user interface. Special care has also been taken to make the basic functions as easily available to the beginning user as possible to make sure anyone can step in and concentrate on the fun and not the technicalities.

I believe we have managed to create a package that captures the essence of role playing games - storytelling, the world of the imagination and a good time enjoying it with your friends. I myself couldn't be more excited about finally being able to share it with the public.

On this site and this board you can find more information about the software, as well as the latest from the trenches. Hope to see you around.

Welcome to Fantasy Grounds!