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Release date:
1 May, 2004

PC, Mac and Linux
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Fantasy Grounds is an application acting as a virtual online gaming table primarily intended for pen and paper style narrative role playing games. Fantasy Grounds is designed to perform many of the things you can do while playing at a conventional gaming table and move it online. Run games as the gamemaster or take part as a player, the application provides all the necessary tools to communicate, manage information and perform tasks such as rolling the dice or moving tokens around a battlemap.


Released in 2004, Fantasy Grounds supported basic functionality for D20 style RPG games. Doug Davison acquired the company in 2009 and acquired licenses for official content for nearly a dozen game systems, including Savage Worlds, Call of Cthulhu, Rolemaster Classic and Castles & Crusades. John Gregory joined the team and brought with him an advanced ruleset for D&D 3.5E and later D&D 4E. With the release of Fantasy Grounds 2.9, significant new functionality was opened up to all rulesets via a new CoreRPG base ruleset. Other rulesets could now be layered on top of this base template to provide numerous campaign management functionality without having to re-write them from scratch. A new Pathfinder ruleset was spawned from this base, as well as re-writes to numerous rulesets, such as Call of Cthulhu. In May 2014, Fantasy Grounds launched on Steam to become the first virtual tabletop with a presence on the highly ubiquitous platform. In July 2014, a ruleset was launched to support the game mechanics for D&D 5E. An official license for D&D fifth edition was acquired in April, 2015.


  • A user interface specifically designed to capture the spirit of pen and paper roleplaying.
  • The Gamemaster can hand out sheets, maps, and notes for any or all players to interact with.
  • Role playing is easy with dedicated chat features.
  • Access all traditional paraphernalia available at the gaming table. These include dice, drawings, character sheets, portraits, tokens, and rulebook reference material.
  • Use hex or square grids to handle tactical combat. Use advanced automation to get through combat more quickly.
  • Official D&D adventures and library modules are available


FG Trailer YouTube

D&D fifth edition Spellcasting NPCs YouTube

D&D Lost Mine of Phandelver video walkthrough YouTube

FG Dice Demo YouTube

FG Maps YouTube

FG Tokens YouTube

FG Random Tables YouTube

FG Library Resource Demo YouTube

Exporting and Making Custom Adventure Modules YouTube

Basic Functionality Overview YouTube

Pathfinder Combat Sample YouTube

Extension Highlight - Fantasy Languages YouTube

FG Quick Overview YouTube


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Selected Articles

  • "So, person who always asks me which is better, I am off the fence. Get Fantasy Grounds."
    - Mark Knight, rpgknights.com
  • "One of the most capable solutions is Fantasy Grounds, which has a bewildering assortment of features and flexibilities that allow game masters to create everything from homebrew games, to Pathfinder and other established tabletop systems."
    - Charlie Hall, polygon.com
  • "Gather your party: You can now play authentic D&D on Steam"
    - Andy Chalk, pcgamer.com
  • "Fantasy Grounds isn't a game in and of itself. But it's almost certainly going to end up being my most valued piece of Steam software."
    - Powered by FreeOnlineSurveys.com, digitallydownloaded.net
  • "For high level spell casters, that’s quite a time saver."
    - Novo Staff, novoadagio.com
  • "All in all, I'm favorably impressed on the player side by Fantasy Grounds."
    - Douglas Cole, gamingballistic.blogspot.com
  • "Feature-rich Fantasy Grounds II helps you bring a tabletop gaming group together, no matter how far apart you are. "
    - Jim Norris, pcworld.com

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About SmiteWorks USA, LLC

SmiteWorks is the small Indie team of four dedicated software developers responsible for the Fantasy Grounds virtual tabletop. Fantasy Grounds allows gamers to play traditional pen-and-paper style roleplaying games. With the aid of over two dozen community developers and partnerships with key RPG publishers, gamers' online experience is tailored to a host of different game systems.

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Fantasy Grounds Credits

Doug Davison
Developer, Co-Owner & President

John Gregory
Lead Developer, Co-Owner

Zeph Ponos

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