Fantasy Grounds

Download the Windows PC installer here. Running the installer requires an active internet connection to complete. Note that the installer is the same for all versions (Full, Lite, Ultimate and Unregistered.) * Mac users, see below.

Download now: All licenses (50 MB)

The lite and unregistered versions of Fantasy Grounds II can be used to demo the software. Just use the installer above.

If you are running on a Mac OS, we recommend purchasing and running through Steam for the easiest installation. You can purchase DLC from our store and it will auto-install through Steam if you have your Fantasy Grounds forum username entered into your settings.

If you'd prefer to run outside of steam, please see this link first: Installing on a Mac using WineBottler

The demo contains all the features of the full version with the following restrictions:

  • No new campaigns can be created.
  • Changes to existing campaigns are not saved between sessions.
  • Characters created in the local character preparation mode are not saved.
  • Hosting a game is restricted to one client connection at a time.

For running Fantasy Grounds on Linux or Mac OSX, see System Requirements.

Should you find trouble connecting, check out the Networking FAQ.

A demo campaign is available to use in order to demo a sample 3.5E or 4E game session. It is installed by default by the Fantasy Grounds installer. If you didn't install the demo adventure while installing FG, you can also download the example campaigns below. Once downloaded, open the file and follow the directions in the readme.txt file.

Download now: Example Campaigns (3.5E, 4E) (1 MB)

Many of our videos have been provided to us by active Community members. They can be accessed from our Wiki. Special thanks go out to Xorn, DosWelk, KhersheyJr, Zeus and Aramasz on the FG Forums

The Fantasy Grounds community and affiliates are working on many rulesets for various roleplaying games. Details of these can be found in the store or in the Wiki page under Supported Game Systems.

New rulesets can be built by advanced users using xml and custom graphics for the visual presentation and LUA scripting for automation support. There is a CoreRPG ruleset provided that provides most common functions required for virtual tabletop play.

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