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Jump right into action with FANTASY GROUNDS VTT by creating or signing into your account and choosing a license that fits how you play. Get a license for access to all the virtual tabletop's features, then visit our store to unlock content for the all the games you want to play. Compare License Details
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Complete these four easy steps to start running TTRPG games online with FANTASY GROUNDS VTT:
Create an Account
Create a FREE account.

Your account lets you manage your game content ruleset and module purchases, host or join games, communicate with the rest of your group, use the FG Forums, sync for publisher discounts, and more!
Choose a License
Choose which license (from the section above) works best for you.

If you plan to primarily host games, the ULTIMATE license is likely what you'll want since it provides the most flexibility. If you plan to play, choose the FREE DEMO or CORE license.
Install the App
Download and install the application for either Windows, Mac, or Linux.

If you plan to use the DEMO license, leave the License Key field blank. If you've chosen the CORE or ULTIMATE license, enter your License Key from your purchase.
Start or Join a Game
If you are the GM, choose or unlock a ruleset, create your campaign, make or buy modules, and recruit players.

If you are a player, join your GM's game or find a game to join in our LFG subforum, recruiting calendar, or Discord server. Play on!

The Largest Catalog of Officially-Licensed Content

FANTASY GROUNDS VTT partners with all the top TTRPG publishers in the world to provide a unique experience for each game we support, with Fantasy Ground's powerful automation, your games are easier to prep, more immersive for your players, and more convenient than ever to run.
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Art Subscription

The FANTASY GROUNDS art subscription is a great way to access loads of custom SmiteWorks art for a low monthly cost. You gain access to anything that has previously been released for the subscription as well as all new assets as they are released.
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The wiki is home to the Fantasy Grounds User Manual and thousands of articles that range from quick start guides to feature deep dives. Get all the help you need to get started or expand your Fantasy Grounds mastery!
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Fantasy Grounds Forge

The Fantasy Grounds Forge (the FG Forge or FGF) is a community developer portal where creators can share content for free or sell it. Forge users can then purchase or subscribe to content and use the creations in their games!
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