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Character Sheet Overview

The Character Sheet for Symbaroum is comprised of three different tabs organized on the right side.

  • Main: General information, combat related information, attributes, abilities & traits, equipment
  • Inventory: Items carried, weight carried, currency.
  • Notes: Basic information, appearance, player portrait, languages spoken and additional notes.

Main Character Sheet

The most information is set on the first one, the main character sheet. The main character sheet is made out of 5 different parts that contains different important information about your PC.

General Information

The General Information is just the general stats that explain the brief setup of your character. These are purely cosmetic and only for your own / friends information. There are no real features associated with this, and players are always considered Cultural Beings.


The attribute-part lists all your attributes and the calculated current value of them.

The Attributes has a few features associated with them. In order to change your basic attribute, left click an attribute frame and type in your new value followed by using enter (selecting another interface element will also enter the new value). This sets your base stats.

By hovering an attribute, holding control and then scrolling your mouse wheel - you modify a temporary value which influences the actual value used for all the rolls. This value is modified by attacks such as those with alternative damage, or if you have elixirs or similar that you want to modify the stat with. When you have negative temporary values, the attribute stat turns red. When you have positive temporary values, the attribute stat turns green.

Symbaroum attributes.png

Combat Information

The Combat Information contains your toughness (current/maximal and pain threshold), corruption (temporary/permanent/threshold) and initiative.

Just like the attributes, values are modified by holding control and scrolling the mousewheel. This only applies to temporary & permanent corruption and also the toughness. The other values (corruption threshold, pain threshold, max toughness, initiative and speed) are calculated automatically.


Drag-and-drop artifacts, items, traits, abilities, mystical powers, rituals or other ability-friendly things into the drop-down in order to get them listed.

Most abilities/traits/mystical powers have three levels - novice, adept and master. This is visualized by the three diamond shaped icons to the right of the name of the entry. These can be clicked (if you have unlocked the ability list for modifications) in order to change what your character has bought for xp. Some traits and also all of the rituals, does not have any such levels.

Each ability has a list of actions. It can have 0 or more actions. Each ability that has actions that are available at the players skill level (which is shown by the amount of filled in diamond shaped figures at the end of the ability), and the actions can be visualized by pressing the red plus sign at the right side of the ability's line.

An action is highly configurable and has several different parts that it can activate.

The different parts are:

Ability 1.png

  • 1. Action-type (rollable / not rollable) - hover for action type.
  • 2. Name
  • 3. Roll attribute types
  • 4. Damage / heal
  • 5. Effect name
  • 6. Effect target
  • 7. Spell range

Some traits have other parts such as describing how much damage per round and duration some effects have, like the acid attack trait:

Symbaroum ability 2.png

  • 1. Damage
  • 2. Duration


Symbaroum equipment 1.png

Equipment has a few configurable fields. Most noteworthy is the name which also includes any attributes that the equipment has. Attributes are activated by wrapping them in parenthesizes, just like in the picture.

The top left text defines which equipment type it is, and the top right defines how it is worn. The equipment type defines the amount of base damage / base armor each equipment type has, and a few other things such as modifiers and default equipment attributes, whether the weapon is ranged or melee etc.

If you press the dragon-shaped link button, you come to a small configurable field where you can set cost/value for the item, what the weight for it is and if it is a magical weapon or not. The magical weapon part is only important when it comes to hitting some of those ghostly enemies.


The equipment list is very standard for CoreRPG and not much has been added on top of that.


The notes-part has the character portrait and the token in the top right. Other than that there are a few fields to help you keep track of your characters appearance and other valuable information, such as which languages they speak.

Supported Weapon & Armor Modifiers

Weapon and Armor modifiers are added by adding modifiers within paranthesises on your weapons and armor. For example: "Stiletto (Deep Impact) (Balanced)"


  • Impeding - Automatically added to all armors. Modifies defense -2 for light, -3 for medium, -4 for heavy.
  • Flexible - Reduces the negativity from armors. Nothing on light armors, +2 on medium, +2 on heavy.
  • Shield - Normally added by wielding a shield. modifies defense by +1.


  • Precise - Improves the weapons to-hit by 1.
  • Deep Impact - Improves the weapons damage by 1.
  • Jointed - No automated rules for this functionality.
  • Long - No automated rules for this functionality.
  • Blunt - Decreases this weapons damage by 1.
  • Flexible - No automated rule for this functionality.
  • Balanced - Improves your defense by 1 while wielding this weapon.
  • Shield - Improves your defense by 1 while wielding a shield or a weapon with the shield modifier.
  • Short - No automated rule for this functionality.