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Tabletop color.jpg

Each player and GM can customize the color of their dice and the pointers they draw on maps by using the Color campaign tool. The color window is available in the upper right set of campaign tool buttons.

Once open, the center of the window will be a large circle filled with your current color selection. Small orbs around the periphery of the large orb allow you to adjust the color.

  • The colored orbs (red, blue, green) allow the user to mix more of that color into the current color. The larger orbs add more of that color than the smaller orbs.
  • The black and white orbs allow the user to darken or lighten the current color.
  • The remaining orb contains the letter T, and it specifies whether your dice have white or black numbers on them.

Players can define a unique color for each character they have activated for the session. The color for each active character is denoted by a small circle next to the portrait in the tabletop character list.