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Item Sheet

The item sheet for Savage Worlds is used by the Games Master to create new items for use in the campaign. Treasure parcels can also be created from this dialog. To open up the dialog click the 'Items' button in the right hand menu. The dialog has 4 tabs along the top which will open up new dialogs allowing the entry of Parcels, Armors, Weapons and Vehicles.

Note on Cost and Weight

  • Cost: All items can have a value but it is optional whether a unit of currency needs to be specified. If a currency is going to be specified it is important to have consistency in the unit of currency used. When expressing the value of something make sure that if you are going to show a currency that the currency is noted after the number and that the unit of currency is specified in terms of letters. So for example 100 gp or 100 dollars or 100 pounds is fine (note the space between the number and the letters - this is required). However $100, 100$ or 100 $ won't be recognized by FG and an error will occur if the item is sold via the party sheet.
  • Weight: All weight in Savage Worlds is expressed in pounds (lbs.). When entering a weight for an object only numbers are required. Fractions of a pound are also acceptable provided the number is expressed as a decimal.

Note on Notes

  • In Weapons, Armor and Vehicles there is a notes tab (in vehicles it is the 'Main' tab) which can be opened by clicking on the relevant tab down the right hand side of the sheet.
  • Notes will accept formatted text including headings, emboldening etc and even text boxes.
  • Furthermore users can link images and story entries to the notes space.

A note on Unidentified Items

  • Users will note that only mundane items can actually be toggled as unidentified. If you would like some other piece of equipment such as a weapon to be found in an unidentified state create a mundane item with the unidentified tag set and include the actual weapon as a link in the notes space. Once the mundane item is identified the actual weapon can then be dragged from the notes into the player's inventory or weapons section of the character sheet.

Creating Mundane Items

  • Mundane items are basically items that aren't any of the other types of equipment that exist in the campaign.
  • To create a new mundane item open the items dialog and click on the small brown dot down the bottom right hand side and then on the green cross.
  • This will bring up the item editing dialog into which you can type information about the item.
  • Note the small icon on the top left which enables the item to be drag/dropped and also (if the options is switched on) the item identified toggle on the top right. Items will default to unidentified. Clicking the icon will toggle between identified and unidentified.
  • The various fields in the dialog can be completed as follows:
A mundane item
    • Name: Type a name for the item by clicking on <<New Item>>.
    • Non-ID Name: This is the name which will be used if the item is unidentified when found by the players. It isn't necessary to complete this field if the item starts off as identified. If this field is left blank and the item is unidentified then the name will default to 'Unidentified item' when the players view it.
    • Notes: Again this field is only needed if the item starts off as unidentified. The description here will be viewed by the players when they examine it.
    • Cost: Enter a cost for the item here.
    • Weight: Enter a weight for the item.
    • Description: The final box on this dialog should contain a description of the item. This can be as brief or as verbose as you like. Text in this box will accept formatting and so can be emboldened, italicized or be made into speech bubbles. It is also possible to link items here such as images or story entries. The text in this section will only become visible to the players if the item has been identified (or started off that way).
  • By right clicking on the sheet the GM can bring up a radial menu which will allow him to share the sheet with the players. The item can also be dragged and dropped onto one or more player's portraits to share it only with those players.

Creating Armor

  • Start by clicking on the 'Armors' tab at the top of the main tab, then click the 'Edit List' button and then 'Add Item'.
  • The small icon at the top left of the window allows the user to drag this item and drop it into parcels, inventory etc.
  • The fields in this dialog can be completed as follows:
A new armor item
    • Name: Type a name for the armor in the <<New Armor>> box.
    • Area Protected: This should contain the area of the body which is covered by the armor. This isn't actually used by Fantasy Grounds in any automation but the user should know what areas are covered for the purposes of called shots etc.
    • Protection: The figure in this box should equate to the armor bonus that the armor adds to the character's toughness.
    • Weight: Specify a weight.
    • Cost: Enter a cost for the item here.
    • Notes: Enter a description of the item here along with any special rules pertaining to the armor.
  • Right click on the sheet to bring up a radial menu and select 'Share Sheet' to share the armor with players. It can also be drag/dropped into one or more player's portraits in the top left of the screen to selectively share with only those players.

Creating Weapons

  • Start by clicking on the 'Weapons' Tab at the top of the items dialog; then click on the 'Edit List' button and then 'Add Item'
  • Use the small icon on the top left of the weapon sheet to drag/drop it to parcels, inventory etc.
  • The fields in the weapons dialog are completed as follows;
A new weapon ready for action
    • Type: From the drop down menu select the weapon type. Fantasy Grounds uses this to link the correct skill for the weapon. For example a weapon type of ranged uses the Shooting skill. If a weapon might be usable as more than one type (for example a dagger that might be thrown or used in melee) select one type. The user of the weapon can make adjustment in the Actions tab of their character sheet to take account of this dual purpose.
    • Range: If the weapon can be used either as a ranged weapon or it can be thrown then this box should be completed. Range has three values (representing short, medium and long ranges) separated by a forward slash (/). The ranges are specified in inches. So a weapon might have a range of 10/20/30 for example.
    • Damage: If this is a melee or thrown weapon then the damage should be expressed as Str + a dice vale + a modifier (if it has one); for example Str+d6+2. If the weapon is ranged then it will have fixed dice + a possible modifier such as 2d6+1 or 3d8.
    • Lethal/Non Lethal: Click on the box next to damage to toggle between Lethal and Non Lethal damage. (Non lethal damage is recognized by Fantasy Grounds and the victim is knocked unconscious once they have lost all wounds rather than killed).
    • AP: If the weapon can pierce armor then type a value for that quality in this box. The number must be positive.
    • Rate of Fire: If the weapon can fire more than one shot when it is fired record the number of times that it can fire here.
    • Weight: Specify a weight.
    • Cost: Enter a cost for the item here.
    • Min Str: If a weapon requires a minimum strength to use effectively record the dice value here.
    • Fumble: When the weapon is used and a natural one is rolled in the main dice then there could be a consequence such as the target was missed and an innocent bystander was hit instead. This box allows for a number to be placed which indicates when such 'fumble' occurs. Most weapons will have a 1 in here but some such as shotguns or weapons capable of burst fire might have a 2 or a 3. If the number (or less) is rolled then a notification will appear in chat.
    • Notes: Record here any special notes or rules pertaining to this weapon.
  • As with other equipment items the GM can share the sheet with players by right clicking and selecting 'Share sheet' or can drag and drop the sheet on selected player's portraits to share with only some of them.

Creating Vehicles

  • Click on the Vehicles tab then the 'Edit List' then 'New' to open the new vehicle dialog.
  • Vehicles are more akin to NPCs than they are to equipment; hence they have some differences over other gear types.
  • Firstly the Vehicle can have a token; to give it a token drag one from the token library and drag it to the small icon at the top left of the sheet.
  • Next the Vehicle can be 'Friendly', 'Neutral' or 'Hostile' to the player characters. Designate this by cycling through the colors of the small button to the right of the vehicle name.
  • Type a name on the <<New Vehicle>> line.
A humble family car
  • Click the small cross in the top right of the sheet to open up the Space and Reach options. These values show how big the vehicles is and how far it can reach for the purposes of melee attacks. The values are used to graphically show these when the vehicle is placed on a map.
  • Also here is the option to select a marker which will show on the map when the vehicle is defeated.
  • The other areas of the sheet can be completed as follows;
    • Acceleration: This is how fast the vehicle can increase it's speed in one turn (measured in inches).
    • Top Speed: This is the maximum speed that the vehicle can travel at (again measured in inches).
    • Toughness: A measure of how much punishment a vehicle can take before it is knocked out of commission.
    • Crew: This is a number representing how many people it takes to operate the vehicle plus any passengers. So, for example a normal car might have a number here of 1+4 showing one driver and 4 passengers whereas a Main Battle Tank night simply show 4 representing just the personnel needed to operate it.
    • Cost Enter a cost for the item here.
    • Notes: Record any special features or rule here
    • Weapons: Weapons can be added to the vehicle here. Edit the existing line or drag weapon from the weapons tables in the source book or right click and select 'Create Item'. Any weapon dragged and dropped here can be edited by clicking on the small icon to the right of the weapon.

Creating Parcels

Here's what you found
  • A parcel can be created from the items dialog. Start by clicking on the 'Parcels' tab at the top of the sheet and then click on 'Edit list' and then on 'Add Item'
  • Give the parcel a name and note the small icon to the left which can be used to drag/drop the parcel.
  • Drag items from any of the items lists (mundane, weapons, armor, vehicles) and drop them into the right hand window of the parcel to add them.
  • Items can also be added by using the 'Edit List' and 'Add Item' buttons in this pane as well as by right clicking and selecting 'Create Item'.
  • To delete an item right click over it and select 'Delete Item'.
  • To add currency click on the 'Edit List' button in the left hand pane or right click and select 'Create Item'.
  • See the notes above regarding consistency in the currency units used.
  • Once created a parcel can be linked to a story entry or drag/dropped into the parcel section of the Party Sheet.