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Starfinder Players Character Sheet

The Starfinder character sheet provides a place for players to record the characters within Fantasy Grounds.

Character Sheet]


The Header contains the characters name, portrait and token, this information stays thru-out all the tabs.


The character sheet has 7 tabs

Main Tab

Class, Race, Theme and Home world.

  • Class Race and Theme are designed for drag-n-drop.
  • Class includes name and level and a editor icon to open the Class Editor.
  • Race and Theme include links to open full information.
  • Home world

Ability Scores

Abilities Str/Dex/Con/Int/Wis/Cha with Score, Ability Bonus and Ability Damage.

  • These are mostly automated, you can adjust the bonus by using CTRL-Mouse wheel.
  • Editor Icon opens the Ability Score Editor.
    • Key Ability- Cycle Button to select you Key Ability.
      • Key Ability will be set when you drop your Class. But can be changed.
    • Base- Adjusts your Base Score.
    • Mod - To add modifiers to base score.
    • Equip - Modifiers from equipment.

Abilities Score Editor

Combat and Armor Class

Combat and AC Combat and AC

  • Combat
    • Initiative, and Attack Bonuses.
    • Spell Resistance and Saving throws.
  • Armor Class
    • EAC, KAC and AC vs Combat Maneuvers

Armor Class Editor

    • Editable Total.
    • Stat Modifier.
  • AC vs CM
    • Total and Misc Modifier.
    • Armor,Shield and Misc modifiers.

Combat Editor

  • Saving Throws

Speed and Senses

HP, SP, and Resolve

Skills Tab


  • Spent, Available and Total

Skills List

  • Skills with ranks, stats, modifiers and roll-able Total.
  • Show on Mini Selector- Turns the showing of the skill in your Mini-Tab ON/OFF.
  • Class Skill Selector- Turns ON/OFF the skill being a Class Skill.
  • Skill Icons
    • Armor Check- Tell you that this skill is affected by Armor.
    • Free Skill- This is for the Operative Class. Shows which skills are his Free skills based on the Specialization choose.

Skill Link

  • A link to more information on the particular skill.

Note on Free Skill

The Operative will receive two extra skills points per level, these skill points are automatically applied to his two free skills. 
If at a player decides to Multi Class he can still put points into these free skill from the new class skill points pool.

Abilities Tab


  • Feats
  • Proficiency
  • Class Abilities
  • Theme Abilities
  • Racial Traits

Abilities and Traits will automatically fill in as you level.

Inventory Tab


Inventory List- Drag and Drop Items into your list. Items will have the following information.

  • Quantity
  • Name
  • Location- You can put where the item is located. If you put I.E If you have a Backpack and you put Backpack in the Location the list will sort the item under your Backpack.
  • Bulk- Shows Blank for items that have no or minimal bulk. 0.1 for Light Items and 1,2,3 ect for normal Bulk items.
    • This is auto calculated to your Total Bulk.
  • Carried Cycler- Cycles between Not Carried/Carried/Worn.
    • Not Carried Items do not count toward your Total Bulk.
  • Item Link- Brings up the Item information.

Financial Assets

Carry Capacity and Encumbrance

  • Total Bulk
    • Encumbrance Status will update as you change encumbrance categories.
  • Capacity categories based on your Str and other bonuses.
  • Armor Check

Carry Cap Editor

  • Has three inputs for adjusting your Carrying Capacity.
    • Items(Str)- For Items that adjust you Str (For Capacity Only) this will not actually adjust your Str value.
    • Armor(Str)- If you put on Powered Armor this will have the Str Rating of the armor. (Your actual Str Value will be adjusted to this value).
    • Other-

Notes Tab


  • Vitals-Gender, Age, Height, Weight, Size, Alignment
  • Appearance
  • Languages
  • Notes

Society Tab

Actions Tab

Character Creation

1. Select Race:

  • Drag to character sheet.
    • Racial Ability Score adjusted.
    • Racial HP added.
    • Size added to Notes Tab.
    • Racial Traits are added to Abilities Tab.
      • Some traits are automatic and some will need manual adjustment for the trait.

2. Select Theme:

  • Drag to character sheet.
    • Theme ability score will auto adjust.
    • Theme ability will add to your abilities tab. Adjustment of the ability is manual.

3. Adjust Ability Scores: You will get a pop-up that informs you to spend 10 point on your ability scores.

Ability Adjust.JPG

    Note: If your using a different ability score generation option thats Ok, just adjust the Base scores to the desired amount.
      This step adjusts all your ability scores and modifiers in the system for proper automation operation.

4. Select Class: Drag Class to character sheet.

  • HP/SP/RP are adjusted.
  • Speed, Languages, Senses, Skill Ranks are added
    • Operatives get a extra 2 skill points added to there total. These skill points are for the 2 skills the operative gets with his specialization choice. On the Skills tab these skills will be marked with a small square and the 2 rank points will automatically be spent.
    • This is automatic as you level and the skill ranks can be increased above the free levels later if you chose to Multi-Class.
  • Bonus's to Saving throws are applied.
  • Some Classes will have a favored feature pop-up to select special features of the class. Once selected those features abilities will be applied to you Abilities Tab.
  • Class Abilities, Proficiency (Weapon and Armor) will be added to Abilities Tab.

5. Apply Class Abilities/ Racial traits

  • Go thru Class Abilities and Racial traits and apply any effects or adjustment.

6. Assign Skill Ranks and Select Feats

7. Buy Equipment

  • Items can be dragged right to your inventory tab.

9. Fill in the Details

  • Note and Society tabs have information you will need to fill in. (Society Tab is Optional)

Resolve System

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