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Trail of Cthulhu extension for MoreCore


Ive just built out a full working extension ruleset for Trail of Cthulhu by Kenneth Hite and published by Pelgrane Press

This extension requires MoreCore version 1.49 or later.

Place this extension in your \extensions folder. Create a New Campaign and choose the MoreCore ruleset and the MoreCore - Trail of Cthulhu extension.

When clicking to create a new PC be aware that is takes a few seconds as the system populates the sheet with all the abilities and rolls.

You will need to click the shield next to each Ability that you wish to add points to and adjust the Max Number. You may also use the Cycler to change the chat Icon for that skill. Once you have spent all your build points right click any of the number boxes and choose Reset All. To use these Double Click the second box to spend a pool point. You can Alt+Double Click to use an ability without spending a point (if directed by the GM). You can Shift+Double Click to use an ability and to add the spend to the next Roll (the spend will be added to the Modifier After you have finished spending your build points tick the small checkbox and next refresh of the Skill lists will hide all the skills that do not have any points assigned.

By default 7 Rolls are also added. The General Ability roll is your all purpose roll. The default challenge on the Gumshoe Roll is 4. To adjust that type over the number in the red box. Dont forget to reset it to 4 after the roll. If you are spending General Ability Pool points to improve a Roll these will be added to the Roll if you Shift+Double Click the Ability. I have added Rolls for Handguns, Weapons and Scuffling as well as Damage Rolls for each. I have set the Attack Rolls to -2 which represents Unskilled. If you have Firearms, Weapons or Scuffling respectively you can adjust the Attack Rolls to 0. For Damage Rolls if you have Scuffling adjust the Damage Roll to -2 and if you have Weapons adjust the Damage Roll to -2. You may add additional modifiers directly to the Modifier box if required or by spending pool points (Shift+Double Click).

Set your Maximum and Current Health. Set your Hit Threshold to 3 (or 4 if your Athletics is 8 or greater). Armor is unlikely however your GM may allow a +1 in Armor for sturdy clothing like a leather/heavy jacket). In a combat contest the Order should be based on your Current Skill points for the skill being used - Firearms, Weapons, Scuffling. Combat Rolls take Hit Threshold and Armor into calculation.

There are additional areas for: Sanity and Stability - Max/Cur and Notes Personal Info Sources of Stability and Pillars of Sanity Clues and Contacts Mythos Objects, Madness/Shock and Benefits/Pools

I would love to assist anyone in building out Nights Black Agents, Esoterrorists, Gumshoe and Fall of Delta Green. The build to another Gumshoe system should be fairly straight forward - new graphics/skin and new skill tables.

If there is enough interest in Gumshoe - particularly in Trail of Cthulhu (my favourite flavour) I would consider doing a full commercial ruleset with Occupations and Reference Manual etc.

Ive just uploaded version 3.


Author: damned
Game Publisher: Diehard Gaming

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