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Pregens or Pregenerated Characters are characters that can be imported from a module by clicking a "+" button next to their name.

You can only add pregens by unzipping your module and editing your XML directly. Keep in mind if you re-export the module any changes you made by unzipping will be lost.

How to add Pregens

Adding pregenerated characters to a module can only be done through direct XML modification.

In the library section, you need to add a link like this:

     <librarylink type="windowreference">
          <recordname>[email protected][module name]</recordname>
     <name type="string">Pregenerated Characters</name>

Where [module name] is the name of your module. You can find the name of your module by looking at the other entries in the library section.

Then, you need to add the pregencharsheet tag to the module under the root tag, with entries for each pregen character.