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Note: The party sheet window is unique to every ruleset, since every ruleset has a unique records for PCs. Please see the Ruleset Guides for your specific game system.

The party sheet window is available in the upper right set of campaign tool buttons.

Party sheets are typically divided into 2 or more tabs of data. The different tabs of the party sheet can be navigated via the tab control on the right side of the party sheet window. There are 2 common party sheet tabs are documented here: Inventory and Order.

Order Tab

Ps order.jpg

The party sheet order tab is a place to track which PCs are currently part of the party. This tab can also be used to track watch order, marching formation and/or camp placement.

To add a PC to the party, just drag the portrait from the tabletop character list onto the watch order list, or drag the character box from the character selection window onto the watch order list. Otherwise, please see the List Basics topic for details on editing the watch order list. Only GMs can edit the party sheet lists.

Tokens can be assigned to the PCs on the watch order list (or existing PC token assignments from the character sheet will be used). Once tokens are assigned, they can be dragged to the Marching and Formation section for determining party layout (i.e. marching formation, camp setup, etc.). The Marching and Formation section is just a blank image; so see the Images and Tokens topics for more info on this section.

Inventory Tab

Ps inventory.jpg

The party sheet inventory tab is a place to collect coins (or any currency) and items that the PCs have acquired as a party, prior to distribution among the party members.

Please see the List Basics topic for details on editing the lists. Only GMs can edit the party sheet lists.

The player visibility of the combined party coins and inventory lists is controlled via a GM option accessible in the Options window.

  • Parcel Coins: Coin amounts and descriptions acquired as a party. Coins are distributed via the Distribute button.
  • Parcel Items: Items acquired as a party. Items can be distributed by typing a character name in the assignment field (use Tab key to auto-complete) and clicking the Distribute button; or by dragging an dropping the item link onto a character inventory tab or character portrait in the tabletop character list.
  • Sell Button: The cost field of the item is analyzed for a value in the form of # <coin name>. If found, any items remaining in the parcel items list are sold for 50% of their value, and the funds added to the Parcel Coins list.
  • Party Coins: A list of all coin amounts and types carried by the party.
  • Party Inventory: A list of all items carried by the party tracked on the party sheet. See Order Tab.
  • Distribute Button: When pressed, all coins in the Parcel Coins list will be equally divided among the party members tracked on the party sheet, and any items in the Parcel Items list with assignments will be distributed to the respective party member. Any currency remainders and unassigned items will remain. Any assigned coins or items will be announced in the chat window.
  • Rebuild Party Inventory: If items or coins are added to the character sheets outside of interactions with the party sheet, they will not be tracked in the combined list. Click this button to force a refresh of the combined party inventory information.