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NPC parsing when added to Combat tracker

NPC fields

Save abilities

Example matches:

  • +1 conditional to saves vs. magic - produces effects of: SAVE: +1 conditional, magic
  • +1 conditional vs. positive - produces effects of: SAVE: +1 conditional, positive
  • +2 conditional will save vs. mental - produces effects of: SAVE: +2 conditional, will, mental

Note: this is a slightly different format to the Playtest Bestiary - where the will save conditional bonus is immediately after the Will save bonus. For example: Will +25 (+2 conditional vs. mental)


Takes a comma separated list of immunities and converts them into individual IMMUNE: <immunity name> effects, with a number of exceptions.

The parsing occurs in the following order, the first instance that matches is used:

  • magic = IMMUNE: magic; IMMUNE: spell - magic covers saves with the compound magic trait, spell covers spell damage.
  • cold iron = IMMUNE: cold iron
  • ghost touch = IMMUNE: ghost touch
  • object immunities = IMMUNE: bleed; IMMUNE: disease; IMMUNE: death effects; IMMUNE: healing; IMMUNE: mental; IMMUNE: necromancy; IMMUNE: nonlethal; IMMUNE: poison; IMMUNE: asleep; IMMUNE: enervated; IMMUNE: enfeebled; IMMUNE: paralyzed; IMMUNE: stun
  • <immune type> effects = IMMUNE: <immunetype> effects
  • Matches single word against standard immune types
  • Matches single word against standard damage types

If there is no match after these check, the immunity is not added as an effect.