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Campaign Options

Tabletop options.jpg

The campaign options window is available in the upper right set of campaign tool buttons. The options window is used to control optional features within each ruleset.

Client options can be configured by either player or GM and only apply to that FG instance. All other options are GM editable only, though they are visible to players.

Options can be adjusted by clicking on the option value, or using the small left and right arrows.


Option Values Notes
Mouse: Wheel editing Ctrl (default) or Always When using the mouse wheel while hovering on a number field, this option controls what happens. If set to Always, then the number field will adjust with the mouse wheel. Otherwise, the CTRL key must be depressed when using the mouse wheel to edit a number field.


Option Values Notes
Chat: Set GM voice to active CT Off (default) or On When turned on, the name of any NPC which becomes active in the combat tracker will be added to the GM speaking identity list below the chat window.
Chat: Show all whispers to GM Off (default) or On When turned on, any whispers sent between players can be viewed by the GM.
Chat: Show GM rolls Off (default) or On When turned off, any rolls made by the GM are marked secret, and not shared with the players. When turned on, any rolls made by the GM are shared with all players.
Chat: Show portraits On (default) or Off When turned on, any chat messages or rolls by a player will be accompanied with the portrait of their active character. Any chat messages or rolls by the GM will display the GM icon.
Chat: Show roll totals On (default) or Off When turned on, any rolls shown in the chat window will automatically show the resulting total of all dice and modifiers.
Item: Identification Off (default) or On When turned on, each item record will have an identification button in the upper right corner, and additional fields to display to players when unidentified. When turned off, players can always see the full description of items that are shared with them.
Party: Show inventory to clients Off (default) or On Determines whether the Party Coins and Party Items lists are visible to players on the Party Sheet inventory tab.
Table: Dice Tower Off (default) or On When turned on, a dice tower will appear on each player desktop, and on the GM desktop (if GM rolls option set to On). The result of any rolls dropped in the dice tower can only be seen by the GM. See Dice Tower for more info.


Option Values Notes
Add: NPC Numbering Append (Default), Random or Off When adding an NPC to the CT, this option determines whether a unique number is appended to the NPC name. When set to Append, the next available number starting from 1 will be used. When set to Random, a random number will be used.
Turn: Ring Bell of PC Turn Off (Default) or On When turned on and a PC is activated in the CT that is controlled by a user in the session, a bell sound will be played on the user's machine.
Turn: Show effects Off (Default) or On When turned on, any effects on a creature will be displayed in the chat window as part of the turn notification message.
Turn: Stop at round start Off (Default) or On When turned on and the turn marker in the CT is advanced past the end of the actor list using the Next Actor button, then the first actor in the CT will not be activated until the Next Actor button is pressed again.


Option Values Notes
Token: Auto-scale to Grid 80% of grid (Default), 100% of grid, or Off When turned on, any tokens added to a map will be automatically scaled to fit within 1 grid square (or multiple grid squares if dragged from CT and Size field greater than 1).
Token: Facing Off (default) or On When turned on, tokens displayed on the map will show a facing indicator. When tokens are rotated, the facing indicator will be rotated, instead of the token image. See Token Facing for more info.
Token: Show name Tooltip (Default), Title, Tile Hover or Off When a CT-linked token is added to a map, this option controls whether and how the name of the CT actor is displayed on the token. When set to Tooltip, the name will appear in a standard tooltip when hovering over token. When set to Title, a name title bar will be added to each token. When set to Title Hover, a name title bar will appear when hovering over token.

Ruleset Options

Some rulesets have additional options available. Please see the Ruleset Guides for your specific game system.