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Fantasy Grounds is an application acting as a virtual online gaming table primarily intended for pen and paper style narrative role playing games. The software is designed to perform many of the things you can do while playing at a conventional gaming table and move it online. Run games as the gamemaster or take part as a player, the application provides all the necessary tools to communicate, manage information and perform tasks such as rolling the dice or creating drawings.


If you have not already installed Fantasy Grounds, you can find the Fantasy Grounds installer here. If you have a license and/or store purchased products, enter your key and/or forum login in the updater screen. You can reach this Settings screen any time by clicking the Settings button any time after launching Fantasy Grounds.


Each time that FG is run, the first screen that you will see is the launcher screen. The screen below is for the Full license of FG. Your launcher screen options may very by license.

Launcher Screen

If there is a newer version of Fantasy Grounds available, the Update button will light up letting you know. Click the Update button to download the latest version.

Launch Modes

Click the button on the left side of the launcher that corresponds to how you want to run Fantasy Grounds for this session.

  • Create Campaign - Create and start a new campaign as the Game Master. Choose the ruleset (RPG system), campaign name, your user name, password (optional) and any extensions (ruleset add-ons).
  • Load Campaign - To start an existing campaign as the Game Master
  • Join Game - To join a game hosted by a remote Game Master
  • Manage Characters - To create characters off-line or to review characters from a campaign you played in. (Note: Not all rulesets support this option.)

Lite and Free license holders can create/load campaigns in demo mode. When hosting in demo mode, data is not saved between sessions.

License Types

There are 4 different license types for Fantasy Grounds:

Ultimate = User can host or join any game. Hosted games can be joined by any license type. Full = User can host or join any game. Hosted games can be joined by any license but Free. Lite = User can join any game. Free = User can join games hosted by Ultimate license holders.

Network Settings

When hosting a game via the create and load campaign options, the network settings for your machine can be viewed on the right hand side of the launcher. This information can be provided to players to allow them to connect to the host game. For Internet connections, if the alias option is enabled, provide the players with the alias. Otherwise for Internet connections, provide the players with the external IP address (click to retrieve). For local network connection, provide the players with the internal IP address.

In most circumstances, hosting a game requires port forwarding to be configured between the Internet and your machine via the settings in your router (port 1802). Fantasy Grounds will attempt to automatically configure port forwarding on your router using the UPnP protocol (if enabled on your router). To check whether port forwarding has been correctly configured to host a game, click the Run Test button in the network settings. If still having issues, you can post in the House of Healing forum to get help.