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Campaign Effects

Tabletop effects.jpg

The campaign effects window is available in the upper right set of campaign tool buttons. The GM can build a number of effects that can be applied quickly to characters in the combat tracker.

Effects can only be applied to creatures in the combat tracker.

To apply an effect from the list, just click the running man button next to the effect name and the effect will be added to the active character (Active character for players, active CT entry for GM). If no active character available, the effect will be output to the chat window. To hide/show an effect in the player effects list, click the eye icon on the right side of the effect entry.

Otherwise, the effect list works just like other Campaign Data Lists. Only the GM can edit the campaign effects list.

Ruleset Effect Details

Rulesets may have additional fields in the effect entry to specify additional aspects of effects, such as duration.

Also, some rulesets will automatically apply modifiers to rolls, based on the effects applied to the actor making the roll or the actor targeted by the roll. Please see the Ruleset Guides for your specific game system.