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Rolling arbitrary dice


To roll a die, grab the 3D die on the tabletop and drop it on the chat window.

To quickly add another die to your roll, just right click while dragging the 3D die.

To select multiple dice of the same type at once, right click on the 3D die and select the number of dice you want from the menu.

Dice sets

To create a set of dice to roll, grab a 3D die and drop it onto a hot key at the bottom of the tabletop.

To add additional dice to the dice set, grab another die and drop it on the same hot key.

Rolling from sheets

Many of the rulesets built for FG allow users to drag dice rolls directly from the fields displayed on the individual PC and NPC sheets, as well as the GM combat tracker. On the PC sheets, these fields are denoted by a die icon in the lower corner of the field, or activated by a die button. To activate these rolls, you can drag to the chat window, double-click a number/string field or click the die button.

Rolling custom dice

Certain die roll types are not represented on the tabletop by default. For example, to roll d100, right click on the d10 die model, and select the d100 menu option.

Additional custom dice can be specified by the creator of the ruleset. (Ex: d2/d3 for the 4E/PFRPG/3.5E rulesets)

Supported die types

Currently, there are 3D models for the following die types: d100, d20, d12, d10, d8, d6, d4, dF

The dice displayed on the tabletop is controlled by the creator of the ruleset for the game system you are playing.

Building Dice Pools

You can drag multiple dice, including combinations of different dice, to a slot on the Macro / Hotkeys bar at the bottm of your screen for quick rolling. You can right click on this slot to name the Dice Pool or to modify the pool.

Rolling from the Chat Window command line

You can use /die [NdN NdN +N] <message> command to roll any combination and number of dice. If you add more than 30 total dice only 30 will actually roll in the chat window but all roll results will be reported. You can also drag this command to the Macro / Hotkey bar. An example roll command could look like: /die 2d10+1d6+3 Enchanted Long Sword of Fire

Changing tabletop dice position

The dice can be moved physically around the tabletop wherever you like. If rolled on the chat window, then a copy will be rolled and the 3D die will remain in its original position.

Additionally, there are a few options to control the default tabletop dice position:

  • Reset: Right click on the tabletop and select Arrange Dice option to reset the dice back to their default position.
  • Set New Default: Right click on the tabletop and select Set Arrange Position option to set a new default position for the dice.

Dice Tower


If the ruleset provides a dice tower option, the GM can enable a dice tower that appears on the tabletop of the players. The GM doesn't see the tower unless they also have "Chat: show GM Rolls" enabled in the campaign options. The dice tower allows the GM to ask a player to make a roll that only the GM can see the result of. To make a dice tower roll, just drag and drop the desired roll on the dice tower.