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Syntax: Place a series of MODIFIERS or DICE ROLLS into the free-form entry field and separate them with a comma (,). You can immediately see if the syntax is correct by hovering over the value and double-clicking it to ensure that it is added to the modifier box or rolled to the chat window.

MODIFIERS {Name of Modifiers}: {+ or -}{numeric value} EXAMPLES: Stealth: +8, Perception +6, Shooting into Combat -4, Point-blank Range +1

DICE ROLLS {Name of Dice Roll}: {dice statement with zero or more fixed modifiers} EXAMPLES: Melee Attack with Long Sword: 1d20+5, Ranged attack with Longbow: 1d20+3, Long Sword (dmg): 1d10+3, Longbow (dmg): 1d8+2

Longsword (attack): 4dF Example using fudge dice

CoreRPG NPC1.jpg

Sample monster for CoreRPG with a single bite attack that involves rolling 2d8 and a damage for that bite that deals 1d8 damage.

CoreRPG NPC2.jpg

Another example of an NPC in the CoreRPG ruleset that includes common rolls for a d20 style game. There are attack rolls which require a 1d20 roll and add fixed modifiers to the rolls. There are damage rolls for each type of weapon and there are modifiers for skills that are simple plus or minus values that get added to the Modifier Stack.

The DM can double-click to roll the attacks, or double-click to add a modifier to the stack and then again on a die statement to roll it with the modifier included in the total and listed in the roll description.

The results of using some of the attacks and skills listed above:

CoreRPG NPC rolls.jpg