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See the Party Sheet topic for basic functions of the party sheet.

The C&C ruleset adds 2 additional tabs to the party sheet: Main and XP. These tabs are only visible to the GM. The Main tab can be made visible to the players via a GM option accessible in the Options window.

Main Tab

The party sheet main tab is a place to track high-level information about the party, including: Name, Class, Level, HP, Ability Scores, and Defenses.

Additionally, the GM can use this tab to make attack rolls against the party or SIEGE checks for the party all at once. Just set the ability and target DC for a party SIEGE check or the attack modifier for a party attack roll.

A visibility toggle in the lower left corner can be changed to determine whether the group rolls are shown to the players. The visibility toggle is only shown if the Show GM Rolls option is turned on.

XP Tab

The party sheet XP tab is a place for the GM to track experience information for the campaign.

The top-most list provides a summary of each party member's experience (name, class, level, current XP, needed XP).

The bottom lists allow the GM to track encounters and quests completed by the party during the campaign prior to XP distribution. Encounters can be added by dragging the link from the campaign Encounters list. Quests can be added directly using the standard list editing buttons. To award XP for one encounter/quest or all of them, just right click on the relevant entry or list, then select the Award XP menu option.