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See the Options topic for basic options available in all rulesets. This page details additional options available in the C&C ruleset.


Option Values Notes
Party: Show characters to clients Off (default) or On Determines whether the Main and Skills tabs are available to players in the party sheet.


Option Values Notes
CT: NPC initiative Group (default), On or Off Determines how NPC initiative is determined when NPCs are added to the combat tracker. If set to On, no initiative is rolled. If set to On, initiative will be determined randomly based on the NPC's initiative bonus. If set to Group, the initiative of the first NPC of each type added to the CT will be rolled randomly. Subsequent NPCs of the same type will use the same initiative as the first.
View: Show health to clients Friendly (default), On or Off Determines visibility of detailed health information on the player CT. By default, detailed health of friendly faction actors is visible to all players, while NPC health is only provided as a general status (i.e. Healthy, Wounded, Bloodied, Dying, Dead). If turned On, detailed health is visible for all CT actors. If turned Off, only general health status is available for all CT actors.
View: Wound Categories Simple (default) or Detailed When general health status is displayed in the player CT, this option determines whether the information is simple (Healthy, Wounded, Heavy, Staggered, Disabled, Unconscious, Dying, Dead) or more detailed (Healthy, Light, Moderate, Heavy, Critical, Staggered, Disabled, Unconscious, Dying, Greviously Wounded, Mortally Wounded, Dead).


Option Values Notes
Token: Show Ally Health Dot (default), Dot Hover, Off, Tooltip, Bar, or Bar Hover Determines how effects are displayed on CT-linked tokens with Friendly faction. If set to Dot, a small colored dot will be displayed on the token representing the general health status of the actor. If set to Bar, a health bar will be displayed on the token. If set to Tooltip, the general health status will be displayed in a standard tooltip when hovering over the token. If set to Dot Hover or Bar Hover, the bar will only be shown when hovering over the token.
Token: Show Enemy Health Dot (default), Dot Hover, Off, Tooltip, Bar, or Bar Hover Same as above for Neutral/Enemy faction tokens.

House Rules

Option Values Notes
CT: Init die type On (default), NPC, or Off When an attack roll is in the critical confirmation range for the attack, this option determines whether the critical confirmation roll is made automatically. If set to NPC, the critical confirmation roll will only be made automatically for NPCs.
CT: NPC hit points Average (default), Max or Random When a NPC is added to the combat tracker, the hit points of that NPC will be set based on this option. If set to Average, then the average hit point value will be used based on the Hit Die field in the NPC record. If set to Max, then the maximum value of the Hit Die field in the NPC record will be used. If set to Random, then a random value will be chosen based on the Hit Die field in the NPC record.
CT: Roll init each round On (default) or Off At the start of each round, this option determines whether initiative will be re-rolled for all actors.