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See the Combat Tracker topic for basic functions of the combat tracker (CT).

Player View

For players, additional information has been added for the health of both PCs and NPCs. The GM can control what level of details is display for PC/NPC health via the 4E Options.

GM View

For GMs, additional subsections for CT entries allow for more information to be viewed and used during encounters. Also, the menu has additional party rest, initiative and effect expiration options.

Main Section

  • Hit Points: Maximum hit points.
  • Temporary Hit Points: Current temporary hit point value.
  • Wounds: Current wound value. Would value is colored based on actor condition and campaign options. (Generally gray for dying/dead, and ranging from green to red for healthy to heavily wounded).
  • Surges: Number of healing surges remaining.

Offensive Subsection

  • Immediate Action Used: Checkbox to specify whether this combatant has used an immediate action this round. Resets when the actor's turn starts.
  • Initiative Modifier: Modifier used for initiative checks. Double-click or drag this field to make an initiative roll for this actor. Rolling initiative in this way will override the automatic NPC group initiative option setting.
  • Attacks: List of attacks for this combatant. Only used for NPCs. If attacks are in the appropriate format, then double-clicking the various portions of the attack object will bring up power reference or make rolls. To learn more, build an NPC with power descriptions exactly as stated in the core rulebooks, and drop the NPC in the combat tracker to see the results.

Defensive Subsection

  • AC: AC defense.
  • Fortitude: Fortitude defense.
  • Reflex: Reflex defense.
  • Will: Will defense.
  • Saving Throw Modifier: Modifier used for saving throws. Double-click or drag this field to make a saving throw for this combatant. The results of any saving throw will be automatically applied, if there is only one active effect that expires on a save.
  • Special Defenses: Text used to identify any special immunities, resistances or vulnerabilities of the combatant. Informational only.

Map Settings Subsection

  • Speed: Current speed of combatant. Informational only.

Effects Subsection

The effects have been greatly enhanced to support the automatic application of game mechanics when modifiers and conditions are specified in the Label field. See the 4E Effects topic for more information on how to write game mechanic effects.

  • Active Toggle: Click button to toggle whether effect is on/off. Any modifiers and conditions which apply game mechanics will be disabled when turned off.
  • Visibility Toggle: Click button to toggle whether effect is player visible. Click to toggle player visibility.
  • Application Toggle: Click button to toggle how modifiers and conditions which affect game mechanics should be applied. If set to "All", then the effect is always applied (when relevant). If set to "Once", then once the effect is applied to an action/roll, it will expire. If set to "Single", then when each component of the effect is applied to an action, that component will be removed. If no components remain, then the effect will expire.
  • Label: Specifies the name and/or components of this effect. The label can be used purely for informational purposes, or specific game mechanic conditions and modifiers can be configured.
  • Expiration: Specifies when an effect should expire. The values can be set to: Never, Save, Enc, End of Next Turn, Start of Next Turn, End of Current Turn.
  • Expiration Initiative: If the expiration is set to "End N", "Start" or "End", then this field will be displayed. The initiative value will default to the initiative of the combatant applying the effect, or the current initiative if source can not be determined.
  • Expiration Save Modifier: If the expiration is set to "Save", then this field will be displayed. This is the modifier used for saving throws against this specific effect. Double-click or drag this field to make a saving throw for this effect. The results of the saving throw will be applied to this effect. If automatic saving throws option is enabled for this actor type, then the modifier will be applied automatically.
  • Effect Set Target Button: Drag icon to desired target of this effect. Certain game mechanic modifiers and conditions can be targeted, which means that the game mechanic effect is only applied when the roll being modified is targeting one of the effect targets.
  • Effect Targets: Textual display of any targets for this effect. If targets are specified, then this effect will only be applied to rolls made where this combatant and the effect target are both involved. Click on the effect targets string to remove the effect targets.
  • Effect Source: Textual display of combatant who originated this effect. Click on the effect source string to remove the effect source. Drag any combat tracker name field to this effect to set the source of the effect. This is typically informational, but does adjust some effects (i.e. Marked)