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There are many options that the GM and players can use to customize their 4E gaming experience. The options window allows you to change some of the options to fit your personal preferences. Most of the options are read-only, and are controlled by the GM.

  • Mouse: Wheel editing: Controls how numerical fields can be incrementally edited by the mouse wheel. By default, the CONTROL key must be depressed in order for the mouse wheel to be used to edit numerical fields.
  • Mouse: Double click action: Determines how double-clicks on rollable fields should be handled. By default, the roll associated with the field will be made. Alternately, you can specify that the modifier be added to the modifier stack instead, or disable double-click completely.
  • Mouse: Drag rolling: Determines how dragging of rollable fields should be handled. By default, the roll associated with the field will be set as the active drag object. Alternately, you can disable this behavior, and just drag the number instead.
  • Power: Show item used: Determines whether the weapon or implement used with a power is displayed with any rolls made using that power.
  • Target: Remove on miss: Determines how targeting is impacted by the result of attack rolls. By default, missed targets will only be de-targeted when you have more than one target. Alternately, you can specify that missed targets are always de-targeted, or never de-targeted.
  • Target: Self: Determines how you can override your current targeting to target yourself. By default, if the key is depressed while making a targeted roll or applying an effect, then the roll or effect will be applied to the character instead of the current targets of the character.