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The character sheet for the 4E ruleset is comprised of several tabs which group together all of a character's details. The tabs are organized along the right side of the character sheet. Just click the tab you want to view to change tabs.

If you have data set up in modules for the various character options (feats, features, powers, weapons, ...), you can drag and drop the window links for these sheets onto the appropriate locations on the character sheet to automatically create a new item and pre-fill with the data from the module. (i.e. Drop a power from a module onto the powers list on the Powers tab.)

Tab Overview

  • Main: Classes, abilities, hit points, senses, and overview of common combat totals
  • Combat: Initiative, defenses, saves, speed, basic attacks, weapons/implements
  • Skills: Skill details
  • Abilities: Feats, special abilities (features/rituals), proficiencies
  • Inventory: Items, coins, armor effects, encumbrance
  • Powers: Power details
  • Notes: Character appearance, languages, notes

Number Field Enhancements

  • Highlights when you click it: The field can be edited.
  • Small dice symbol in the lower left corner: Rolls can be made directly from this field by dragging or double-clicking.
  • Small plus sign in the upper right corner: This field supports a temporary modifier. To edit the temporary modifier, hold the CTRL key while using the mouse scroll wheel, or drop a number onto the field. These fields are always read-only.
  • Small plus sign in the lower right corner when you are holding a number over it: Dropped numbers will be added to the field, instead of replacing the original number.

Cycle Fields

Some fields are essentially a set of choices about which option to apply, such as for ability bonuses for attack and damage rolls. To change the value of a cycle field, just click on the cycle field.