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Deadlands Noir - The Old Absinthe House Blues
Pinnacle Entertainment Group

Savage Worlds Adventure for Fantasy Grounds II

The new favorite songbird goes missing from the stage of the Old Absinthe House, and the owner turns to you for help. Can you find the missing dame with the velvet voice, or will the mystery remain as murky as the bayous and darkness that shroud the Big Easy? And if the goiní gets tough, is the promise of a big bar tab enough to keep you goiní?

The Old Absinthe House Blues is the first adventure for Deadlands Noir

Requires: A Fantasy Grounds full or ultimate license, the Savage Worlds Ruleset and the Deadlands Noir Setting for Fantasy Grounds

Fantasy Grounds II Conversion: Ben Turner

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Released on August 01, 2013

Designed for Fantasy Grounds version 2.9.9 and higher.