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Counter Collection 4E - Epic 2
Fiery Dragon Productions

4E Epic 2 Expansion Pack

4E Fantasy Token Pack

This product is an installable module containing tokens for use with the Fantasy Ground II virtual tabletop. This pack contains image tokens suitable for ALL epic tier monsters from the SECOND core 4E monster book. Upon activating the module, the tokens will appear in your Token box for use throughout your game. They have been organized by genre and product name to make it easy to use multiple token pack modules within your game. Tokens are scaled and organized in the following sizes for medium creatures: 32x32, 50x50, 75x75 and 100x100 pixels. This allows you to use the token quality that best meets your needs.

This pack contains tokens for the following characters:

  • angel authority (large)
  • angel light (medium)
  • angel retrieval (large)
  • angel supremacy (large)
  • archon tempest weaver (medium)
  • beehur stormsteed (huge)
  • centaur campaigner (large)
  • colossus primordial (huge)
  • cyclops fairyblade (large)
  • dagon (gargantuan)
  • demogorgon aspect (huge)
  • demogorgon (gargantuan)
  • demogorgon priest (large)
  • demogorgon worshipper (large)
  • demon abyssal rotfiend (large)
  • demon yorkdemon (large)
  • devil assassin (medium)
  • devi fallen star (medium)
  • devi fallen star vile (medium)
  • djinni skylord (large)
  • djinni windbow (large)
  • djinn stormsword (large)
  • dragon adamantine ancient (gargantuan)
  • dragon adamantine elder (huge)
  • dragon copper ancient (gargantuan)
  • dragon gold ancient (gargantuan)
  • dragon gold elder (huge)
  • dragon iron ancient (gargantuan)
  • dragon silver ancient (gargantuan)
  • dragon silver elder (huge)
  • elemental vortex whirlwind (medium)
  • eyelord chaos (large)
  • eyelord ultimate tyrant (huge)
  • firbolg master wild hunt (large)
  • fomorian butcher (huge)
  • giant eldritch titan (huge)
  • golem chain (huge)
  • halfelf baleful thaumaturge (medium)
  • human insane noble (medium)
  • hydra chaos (huge)
  • lava 1x1 a
  • lava 1x1 b
  • lava 1x1 c
  • lava 1x1 d
  • lava 4x4
  • maroot castigator (medium)
  • maroot executioner (medium)
  • maroot prosecutor (medium)
  • nothic eye vampire lord (medium)
  • oni thunderer (large)
  • remorser (huge)
  • retriever (huge)
  • slaughter hammerer (large)
  • water 1x1 a
  • water 1x1 b
  • water 1x1 c
  • water 1x1 d
  • water 4x4
  • winter wolf son spirit wolf (large)

Fantasy Grounds II Conversion: Doug Davison

This Fiery Dragon Productions product was converted for use with the Fantasy Grounds II virtual tabletop application from SmiteWorks USA, LLC. For more information on products from Fiery Dragon Productions, visit their website at www.fierydragon.com. This product is Copyright 2010, Fiery Dragon Productions and SmiteWorks USA, LLC. Used with permission from Fiery Dragon Productions. This product's format, programming code, and presentation is copyrighted by SmiteWorks USA, LLC. Redistribution by print or by file is strictly prohibited.

You can find the pdf of this module as well as other quality products at www.fierydragon.com.

Ruleset Compatibility: Any


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