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Counter Collection 4E - Paragon 2
Fiery Dragon Productions

4E Paragon 2 Expansion Pack

4E Fantasy Token Pack

This product is an installable module containing tokens for use with the Fantasy Ground II virtual tabletop. This pack contains image tokens suitable for ALL paragon tier monsters from the SECOND core 4E monster book. Upon activating the module, the tokens will appear in your Token box for use throughout your game. They have been organized by genre and product name to make it easy to use multiple token pack modules within your game. Tokens are scaled and organized in the following sizes for medium creatures: 32x32, 50x50, 75x75 and 100x100 pixels. This allows you to use the token quality that best meets your needs.

This pack contains tokens for the following characters:

  • archon earth ground rager (medium)
  • archon earth rumbler (medium)
  • archon earth seismic striker (medium)
  • archon storm lightning walker (medium)
  • archon storm squallshield (medium)
  • archon water shoal revaer (medium)
  • archon water tide strider (medium)
  • archon water waveshaper (medium)
  • beehir (huge)
  • centaur fey charger (large)
  • centaur hunter (large)
  • centaur mystic (large)
  • centaur ravager (large)
  • chaos shard flame (medium)
  • chaos shard prismatic (medium)
  • couatl cloud serpent (large)
  • couatl star serpent (large)
  • cyclops crusher (large)
  • demon abyssal eviscerator (medium)
  • demon bebenewerth (huge)
  • demon kazwraith (medium)
  • demon needle (medium)
  • demon podspawn (small)
  • demon pod (large)
  • demon spiral acrtide (large)
  • demon yochlaff tempter drow (medium)
  • demon yochlaff tempter (medium)
  • devil erynies (medium)
  • devil gorelink (large)
  • devil misfortune (medium)
  • devil shocktroop (large)
  • devil withering (medium)
  • devi knight errant (medium)
  • devi zealot (medium)
  • dire assassin guard (medium)
  • djinni thunderer (large)
  • dragon adamantine adult (large)
  • dragon copper adult (large)
  • dragon copper elder (huge)
  • dragon gold adult (large)
  • dragon iron adult (large)
  • dragon iron elder (huge)
  • dragon silver adult (large)
  • dragoth ambusher (medium)
  • dragoth rager (medium)
  • dragoth venomshot (medium)
  • drake fang titan (huge)
  • duergard blackguard (medium)
  • duergard blasphemer (medium)
  • duergard fleshtearer (medium)
  • duergard hellcaller (medium)
  • eld elf bladesinger (medium)
  • eld elf coure mischief (medium)
  • elemental chillfire destroyer (large)
  • elemental storm fury (medium)
  • elemental storm vortex funnelcloud (medium)
  • elemental tempest wisp (medium)
  • elemental windfiend fury (large)
  • eyelord frost (large)
  • fairy lingerer incanter (medium)
  • fairy lingerer incanter vestige (medium)
  • fairy lingerer knight (medium)
  • fairy lingerer knight vestige (medium)
  • firbolg bloodbear (large)
  • firbolg ghostraven (large)
  • firbolg hounder (large)
  • firbolg hunter (large)
  • firbolg moon seer (large)
  • fomorian blinder (huge)
  • fomorian cackler (huge)
  • fomorian cackler (medium)
  • fomorian ghost shaman (huge)
  • fomorian totemist (huge)
  • gensai elemental dervish (medium)
  • gensai fireblade (medium)
  • ghost legionnaire (medium)
  • giant eldritch (large)
  • giant frost iceshaper (large)
  • giant frost (large)
  • giant frost titan (huge)
  • giant stone (large)
  • giant stone runecarver (large)
  • giant stone titan (huge)
  • goblin spiderbound slave (small)
  • golem bone (large)
  • golem clay (large)
  • golem iron (huge)
  • grey render (large)
  • human diabolist (medium)
  • human gladiator (medium)
  • human mystagogue (medium)
  • hydra heroslayer (huge)
  • hydra razor (large)
  • lycanthrope weretiger (large)
  • lycanthrope werewolf lord (large)
  • mammoth yorkfellar (huge)
  • negspider great old master (large)
  • nothic cackler (medium)
  • nothic mindblight (medium)
  • ogdoad spawn (small)
  • oni overlord (large)
  • ooze ebola skum (medium)
  • pholarch mage (medium)
  • pholarch phoera (medium)
  • pholarch warrior (medium)
  • rusty monster dweomer eater (large)
  • shadekind blacksoul (medium)
  • shadekind dawnkiller (medium)
  • shadekind gloom lord (medium)
  • shadekind painbearer (medium)
  • slaughterstone eviscerator (large)
  • slaughterstone slicer (large)
  • sphinx mystery (large)
  • spider bristle (huge)
  • spider tomb (large)
  • starspawn herald hadar (medium)
  • starspawn maw acamar (large)
  • starspawn scion gibbeth (large)
  • steel predator (large)
  • troll bladerager (large)
  • troll vinespeaker (large)
  • vine ambush (large)
  • vine ambush shoot (medium)
  • warforged titan (huge)
  • winter wolf (medium)
  • winter wolf rime hound (huge)
  • winter wolf snowfang (medium)
  • zorn diamondhide (large)

Fantasy Grounds II Conversion: Doug Davison

This Fiery Dragon Productions product was converted for use with the Fantasy Grounds II virtual tabletop application from SmiteWorks USA, LLC. For more information on products from Fiery Dragon Productions, visit their website at www.fierydragon.com. This product is Copyright 2010, Fiery Dragon Productions and SmiteWorks USA, LLC. Used with permission from Fiery Dragon Productions. This product's format, programming code, and presentation is copyrighted by SmiteWorks USA, LLC. Redistribution by print or by file is strictly prohibited.

You can find the pdf of this module as well as other quality products at www.fierydragon.com.

Ruleset Compatibility: Any


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