Savage Worlds Pulp Gear Toolkit
Pinnacle Entertainment Group

Brace yourself for thrilling adventure as we proudly announce the first of two Pulp Toolkits.

Following on from our incredibly popular Fantasy and Sci Fi Toolkits, Wiggy tackles the Pulp genre - one which Savage Worlds handles so well. Inside you'll find a host of ideas about the kind of stuff you can expect to find in a rip-roaring pulp adventure story.

There's suggestions for introducing zeppelins, aircraft, and rocketships, as well as a slew of traditional pulp gear, a selection of wondrous artifacts for your heroes to covet, and more besides.

This product is for use with the Fantasy Grounds II software, and the Savage Worlds Ruleset for Fantasy Grounds II v2 Upgrade, which is required to use this product.

Product title Number Price  
ุone's Colorprints #7: Dwarven Excavation 1 4 Remove
Hellfrost Player's Guide 2 $20 Remove
H3-Ziggurat of Gloom 4E Fantasy Token Pack 1 4 Remove
Kith'takharos Simple Scenario Bundle - OGL (PDFs included) 1 $8 Remove
Daring Tales of Adventure #02 - Web of the Spider Cult 1 6 Remove
The Star of Olindor 1 $8 Remove
Daring Tales of Chivalry #02: Death at the Joust 1 8 Remove
The Missing Harvesters - OGL/3.5 (PDF Included) 1 $8 Remove
The Sixth Cavalier 1 7 Remove
Total: 93.00

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